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40% Off Hemp Bombs CBD Products | Sleep Gummy Packs JUST $9 (Reg. $15)

Looking for a BOMB deal on high-quality CBD products?

Two bottles of Hemp Bombs Gummies with some of the gummies spilling out of the top

Through May 29th, head over to Hemp Bombs where they are offering 40% off sitewide when you use promo code MEMORIAL40 at checkout! Plus, shipping is free on orders of just $50 or more!

Hemp Bombs has one of the biggest selections of CBD products. They use USA-grown, premium-grade industrial hemp to source their CBD and lab test every product to ensure it is federally legal and of the highest quality.

Check out these BOMB deals:

CBD gummy pouches

“CBD helps me sleep straight through the night. At first, I was hesitant to buy these because I thought I needed 25mg, but the 15mg seems to work just as well.”

gummies next to bed

“I’ve been buying these for a few years now. I absolutely love them they work well. Helps big time with my insomnia!”

2 bottles of Hemp Bomb CBD Gummies with Elderberry

“I’ve been taking elderberry supplements for the past year now and I’m surprised you guys combined it with CBD! I will no longer have to buy two separate products to obtain my elderberry and CBD needs. Thanks, Hemp Bombs!”

Two bottles of Hemp Bombs Botanical Blend gummies with gummies next to the bottles

“These are definitely better than the originals in my opinion! They taste better and the effect from these is terrific… very relaxing, I find it even more so than the regular Hemp Bombs.”

Need help falling asleep? Try  Maximum Potency CBD Sleep Gummies!

woman holding CBD gummies in hand and in jar

These max-strength sleep gummies ensure that you lull into a deep sleep faster, longer, and with no ‘groggy’ feeling in the morning thanks to naturally occurring ingredients like CBN and melatonin.

It’s packed with a whopping 6,000mg of CBD per bottle or 100mg per serving, plus 5mg each of CBN and melatonin. (As a comparison, most sleep gummies have approximately 25mg of CBD😱). On top of that, these gummies have a flavorful cherry taste and are vegan and made in the USA!

What are the effects of these sleep gummies?

You may experience drowsiness or feel tired due to the relaxing blend. Note that not even with the max-strength serving of CBD will you feel “high”. All Hemp Bombs products contain less than 0.3% THC (the federal legal limit), which is not enough to cause users’ psychoactive effects.

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