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DIY Puffy Sidewalk Paint | Easy & Fun Summer Activity For Kids

Make this fun and easy puffy sidewalk paint!

Hip2Save written on sidewalk inside heart

If your kids like to paint, they’ll love this DIY puffy sidewalk paint! 

Try making this 3-ingredient puffy sidewalk paint as an easy DIY project! It’s a perfect activity to get the family outdoors and spend some time being creative with your little artists.

My kids loved to play with chalk when they were younger and this activity is a fun spin on that!

girl playing with sidewalk chalk paint

Painting with squirt bottles is FUN!

We used an easy-to-make mixture of water, flour, and shaving cream. The result was really nice and washable sidewalk paint that can be placed in squirt bottles to paint with, just like traditional puffy paint. I bought my bottles online, but you could check out a store like Dollar Tree for some cheaper options.

If you’d prefer, you can place paint in small bowls and use paintbrushes, or even a large muffin tin with different compartments would work nicely.

supplies needed for DIY puffy sidewalk paint

Hip tips for making this 3-ingredient DIY puffy sidewalk paint:

  • While we didn’t have any issues with staining, the food coloring in the paint could potentially stain your sidewalk or driveway. To avoid this, try using soap coloring to tint your paint. It’s safe for skin, it rinses off hard surfaces with water, and it won’t stain your child’s clothing either!
  • The squirt bottles really make sidewalk painting fun, but they’re not required! You could just cut the corner off a Ziploc bag and use it to “pipe” decorations onto your sidewalk like cake frosting.
  • This puffy “chalk” paint works best when fresh, so try to prepare it at the last minute and don’t make more than you plan to use in a day. If you let it sit around for a day or two, it will develop an unpleasant smell. Gas will also build up inside the bottle, potentially causing the lid to pop off and create a mess!

making puffy sidewalk paint

adding red dye to DIY washable sidewalk paint

using plastic bag to squeeze pink washable paint into bottle

4 squeeze bottles of homemade puffy sidewalk paint

Puffy Sidewalk Paint

DIY Puffy Sidewalk Paint


  • gallon freezer bags
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup water
  • food coloring (or soap coloring)
  • 1/2 cup shaving cream
  • plastic squirt bottles


Inside a gallon-sized freezer bag, mix flour and water together so there are no clumps.


Add 10 drops of food coloring and roughly 1/2 cup of shaving cream. Close the baggie and mix well using your hands on the outside of the bag.


Cut the end of the bag and pipe the mixture into the bottle. Don’t cut the end too large or it will be difficult to get it into the bottle.


Secure lid and squeeze onto the sidewalk to draw. Keep some toothpicks nearby in case the squirt bottles get plugged with a clump of flour. That happened to us, but it was easy to fix.

3-Ingredient DIY Puffy Sidewalk Paint - a young girl drawing with the paint

Hooray for fun DIY paint!

My daughter and my nieces really enjoyed this easy and inexpensive activity back when they were younger, so I’m thrilled to share this washable puffy “chalk” paint again for anyone who has kiddos at home looking for easy entertaining ideas. Now all you need is a nice day and this activity kept them busy painting for a long time!

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