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Quince Luggage is Identical to Away But $170+ LESS!

See how my Quince luggage compares to the popular Away brand!

woman standing with white and tan luggage

Your search for trendy, quality luggage stops here. I compared my beloved Away carry-on to Quince luggage so you can truly travel savvy.

Before diving into this review, I must emphasize that I’ve been a loyal supporter and owner of Away Luggage for over 6 years. So entertaining another luggage brand that could rival it is a pretty big deal.

However, after having a couple of other positive experiences with Quince (with my luxury bedding for less review) and being genuinely impressed, I decided to give their luggage a try to evaluate its aesthetics and performance in comparison.

I bought the Quince Carry-On Hard Shell Suitcase 20″ in the color tan.

woman holding tan luggage

So here’s my honest Quince luggage review. (And if you’ve been swooning over Away, you’ll definitely want to read further)…

comparison graphic of quince luggage and away carry on suitcases

Price difference between Away & Quince:

First, let’s address the obvious and exactly why I tested the Quince luggage in the first place. An Away Carry-On starts at $275 with shipping included. Whereas the Quince Carry-On is just $119.90 shipped. Additionally, I noticed Away no longer offers their luggage in white like mine. Therefore, I opted to compare the closest color currently available, which is “salt white gloss”. It also happens to be priced $20 higher, bringing the total to $295. 😳

All in all, that’s a $175.10 price difference for the two colors shown above!

*Note that Quince luggage starts at a size 20″ and Away starts at 21.7″. The Quince 21″ is just $10 more priced at $129.90 on Quince.com.

Nonetheless, you can buy TWO Quince carry-ons and still spend less than an Away carry-on. 😱

hand holding a gray battery pack with away battery pack in front of suitcases

Charging packs:

If you’re familiar with Away suitcases you likely know the brand originally went viral for its carry-on featuring a removable battery that can charge your phone on the go. This is such a unique and convenient feature when traveling. And it’s ultimately why I was willing to splurge on an Away suitcase 6+ years ago.

However, I was SHOCKED to learn Away has recently stopped offering battery packs with their suitcases, yet they’re still charging the same steep prices. 😱

This is great for Quince because it further proves my point about just how aligned the two brands really are. 🤩

top view of white and beige luggage suitcases

Exterior comparison between Away & Quince:

Away offers minimalistic and attractive exterior hard shell suitcases and the visual differences are very insignificant between the Quince luggage and Away’s.

As you can see, the TSA-approved locks, zippers, stitching, black accents, and soft rubber handles on the top are all identical. The only noticeable variances are in the slight design difference of both aluminum telescopic trolley handles and the indented lines on the hard shell itself. However, unless they were examined side by side, it’s unlikely anyone would even notice.

white and tan suitcases standing next to each other on beige rug

The similarities continue on every side of the suitcases with identical 360-telescoping wheels and side carry handles. What’s even more significant is that the materials used to make Quince luggage feel just as high-quality as those in Away. Ensuring you don’t feel like you’re compromising on quality either.

Having owned my Away suitcase for several years, one new addition I’ve noticed is the underside grab handle, a feature that’s only visible when the suitcase is turned upside down. This is certainly an added convenience for Away but definitely not a deal breaker.

hand holding inside of quince luggage

Interior comparison between Away & Quince:

Again, the interior comparison between Away and Quince’s luggage remains identical. Both suitcases have a mesh interior compression system to maximize space and are complete with two buckle straps. From the straps to the mesh, zippers, and water-resistant fabric, everything exudes the same level of quality. If I had to guess, I would imagine every component is being made in the same factory. 😏

To compensate for the elimination of their batteries, I did notice Away has added a few more zipper compartments on the interior. But again, this is not a deal breaker for me. Especially since I have some of the best travel accessories to keep me organized.

hand holding a gray laundry bag from inside of suitcase

To top it off, I was thrilled to see Quince even has a zipper pocket with a laundry bag. A feature I regularly utilize when traveling with my Away suitcase. 🤩 And yes, even those features are identical as well, complete with the snap button to keep it secure and a zipper pocket to conceal it when not in use. Both laundry bags are the same size as well.

hand holding a scuff eraser and quince packet over suitcase

I appreciate that Quince also includes a thoughtful scuff eraser with each suitcase, again, mirroring Away. From owning an Away, I’ve learned scuffs are inevitable regardless of how luxurious your suitcase is. So this is a nice inclusion for Quince and something I anticipate I will use in the future.

hands pulling black zippers apart on top of tan luggage

Quince luggage warranty vs. Away’s:

  • Quince’s warranty: Offers free returns for 365 days.
  • Away’s warranty: Offers free returns & exchanges on unused items for the first 100 days (excluding personalized items) + Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Of course, it’s nice to be backed by a lifetime limited warranty, but I find Quince’s 365-day warranty to be quite generous as well.

Additionally, “limited” always means there are restrictions. Away’s warranty won’t cover normal wear and tear, batteries after two years, functionality loss if locked out, or if purchased from someone else. This might make you reconsider investing in an Away, especially when Quince offers an extra 265 days to decide if you’re satisfied with your luggage or not.

woman smiling holding handles of white and beige carry on sized luggage

All in all, I don’t believe Away is worth the splurge. When you have this good of an alternative at such an affordable price it’s hard to argue against the similarities.

I have yet to travel extensively with my Quince luggage as I have with my Away luggage. However, what I do know is that the materials feel identical. The wheels glide just as smoothly and the zippers and handles feel like the same quality. All very important features when choosing a quality piece of luggage. It’s just a bonus that Quince’s is just as stylish too. 😉

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