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BTS FESTA 2023 To Be Held In June In Seoul


(Photo: Big Hit Music)

The BTS 10th Anniversary FESTA (2023 BTS FESTA) will be held next month in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the band’s debut. The act has hosted FESTA as an annual festival and tradition for themselves and ARMY around the date of their debut — JUNE 13th. This year, commemorating the band’s monumental 10th anniversary, a special offline event is planned.

The announcement was made by a teaser video showing the official slogan, “BTS PRESENTS EVERYWHERE,” appearing on the purple sky. The slogan holds dual meaning of “BTS’ presents are everywhere” and “BTS are present everywhere.” True to its slogan, the offline event will be a festival open to the public as well as ARMY. 2023 BTS FESTA will take place in YEOUIDO, SEOUL on JUNE 17th.

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