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9 Things We Bought This Month on Amazon Worth Every Penny!

Our Hip team is sharing our picks for the best things to buy on Amazon this month!

vtopmart acrylic drawer organizers in packaging

Amazon has it all, but here are a few of our favorite things. 🤩

It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with Amazon and their convenient, fast, and free Prime shipping. AND the endless amount of online goods you can find.

However, there’s always that one purchase that sticks out among all the others, so our team is sharing a few of our favorite purchases from the past month. Note that the Amazon prices below are accurate at the time of posting.

Here are some of the best things to buy on Amazon according to our team:

graphic of random amazon faves

1. Alli bought a mini heater for her home office and it’s been working amazingly well. 

mini heater on desk with succulent plant

Who would have thought a heater would be something to get excited about?! 🤩 Alli loves her adorable new mini-heater and says it fits perfectly on her home office desk which keeps her nice and toasty.

In fact, she even notices a significant temperature difference when walking into other rooms of her house when it’s running. She also loves the safety feature where it’ll shut off if it somehow gets tipped over. 🙌🏼

“I have that same heater in black. 🙌🏼 It’s been going strong for 2 years now! My hands are always cold and I have to warm them up every so often like I’m at a campfire. 🤣” – Amber, Hip sidekick

2. Lina grabbed this sweater after we posted a Hip deal on it.

woman taking mirror selfie with beige and white sweater

Lina said this cozy sweater is such nice quality and looks much more expensive than it is! While it’s no longer on sale, she said it was still worth sharing because she loves it so much!

Shop more of our favorite looks over on our LTK page!

3. Lina couldn’t resist these blank cards that are currently on sale.

birthday cards on table with hand holding birthday card

You’ll receive 20 birthday cards with envelopes with this affordable Amazon find! Lina said for just 34¢ per card, this is one deal you won’t want to miss.

Hip Tip: Speaking of birthdays, we have a massive list of 200+ birthday freebies you can score.

4. These adhesive casters were a genius buy for Lina’s small appliances. 

hand putting on adhesive casters wheels on small black appliance

Lina said putting these handy caster wheels under her coffee machine makes it easy to swivel in and out from under the cabinet and they make refilling the water tank a breeze!

She used 4 on her Keurig and Nespresso machines and she even did her toaster too! They don’t scratch her counters, but she does recommend using them on lightweight appliances just to be safe.

She even noted they could easily be used for other items such as trash cans, totes, organizers under the sink, and more!

5. Emily did some organizing with some affordable new organizers. 

top view of organized junk drawer

Speaking of making things more functional, Emily said these affordable acrylic organizers are the best things to buy on Amazon if you have some drawers that need organizing.

She loves that they come with grips on the bottom so they stay put in your drawers. And considering you’ll get 28 in one pack, you’ll have plenty for more than one space in your home!

6. Emily scooped up some affordable new counter stools for her kitchen. 

modern kitchen with two black counter stools

Emily finally landed on some new barstools and said she loved the price point. They’re perfectly minimalist and the cushions are shockingly supportive and comfortable too!

These are the best things to buy on Amazon if you need stools that don’t impede your walkway.

7. These chin-slimming masks were more than Emily had hoped for. 

hand holding a pack of chin slimming masks

Emily did not expect these to work as well and as quickly as they did! 😱 She said they give a subtle slimming effect, and it’s not permanent, but for the price and fast results, she feels a tinge more confident in her jawline after using these!

Check out her results after just 3 uses below!

before and after of woman side profile

8. I grabbed these small glass bottles for my daily ginger shots. 

hand holding small juice bottle with orange colored frozen drink inside

I’ve been obsessed with making my own ginger shots. Considering I was spending between $4-$5 on one ginger shot alone, these have saved me so much money!

I was previously freezing them in ice cube trays, but these bottles are much more travel-friendly. They’re also freezer safe and they’ve been washing easily. I feel so fancy using them!

They’d even be great for dressings and other homemade condiments!

9. Krystal recently switched to these sponges and uses them for multiple purposes.

pack of mr scrub sponges on wood table

Krystal said she loves that these sponges make battling stuck on food easy, yet food doesn’t stick to them. They have a scrub side and a microfiber side.

She’s been finding so many other uses for them too from the bathroom to her husband’s leather seats in his car. By no surprise, they’re now a part of her Subscribe & Save orders.

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