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Affiliate Marketing: What Products To Promote?

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When you begin to think about all of the affiliate products in the world that can be promoted, it may seem a little overwhelming. Just which type of product should you work with?

There are two main options here:

  1. Digital and,
  2. Physical

Each type comes with its own set of pro’s and con’s, and it is best to take a look at all of the data before deciding which you want to promote.

Digital Products

These are the information and service related products that can be found online. These include eBooks, software, videos, and audios that the customer has immediate access to after purchasing. ClickBank is among the most popular marketplaces in which to sign up and promote these products.

Pros of Digital Products

  • Easy to set up accounts and get started promoting
  • No need for the customer to wait on the product to be shipped
  • Typically, higher commission percentages are offered (50% or more).

Cons of Digital Products

  • Product owners may disappear or take their sales page offline at any moment
  • Refunds are typically higher for digital products
  • Those with email lists tend to have a better chance over the competition
  • May be more difficult to convert browsers into buyers
  • Can be paid weekly or bi-weekly

Physical Products

These are all the things that you can buy in Walmart or another retailer. With physical products, you can promote many different products within the same niche. Most of your readers will be looking for reviews on these products, so they will be ready to buy once they can make the right decision.

For online physical products, many people choose the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Pros of Physical Products

  • Many options and niches to choose from
  • It can be more reliable working with large companies versus digital product owners
  • Less refunds or returns
  • Most looking for physical products are already in the market to buy
  • Higher commissions when high ticket items are promoted

Cons of Physical Products

  • Lower commission percentages (usually 5% to 10%)
  • Difficult to promote these products without a website
  • Generally takes longer to receive payment

The Verdict

Most affiliate marketers find that it’s a good idea to promote both physical and digital products. Many niches will allow for information products as well as tangible goods, so why not give your readers the option of having everything they need as well as the proper information needed to solve their problem?

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