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Are You Patiently Waiting For Promotion And Expecting To Be Promoted? Then This Is For You!

There is a day when a man is promoted. There is that moment when faithfulness is rewarded. It may be longer in coming that we first anticipated but if we continue loyally and obediently that day will arrive. I have just read the piece below and not only have I permission to share it with you, but I have found it to be true.

Don’t think that God has forgotten you! God is setting everything according to His sovereign plan and timing. When everything fits together, shall he not act? For the past days, He is just trying your heart, to see if you love Him more than ‘all these’.

If fame, acceptance from men, popularity, titles and positions are no longer hindrances to you, He then can promote you.

The day is coming when the ‘chief butler’ will remember you and bring you up to see ‘Pharaoh’. The day is coming when you have to quickly shave and change your clothing. (Genesis 41:14)

The day is coming when the foundation work is completed in you.

The foundation is built upon Christ and you don’t need men’s honour any more. You can bring glory to God and say, ‘I cannot do it, but God will give Pharaoh the answer he desires’. (Genesis 41:16)

This day is coming when people around you say,’Can we find such a one as this, a man in whom is the Spirit of God?’ And let me reassure you in this bewildered and confused world that there are going to be people looking desperately for a man in whom rests the Spirit of God. At the moment such wisdom is scarce.

This day is coming when you are being lifted up to sit next to Pharaoh, being put on the signet ring, clothed in garments of fine linen and a gold chain is put around your neck. It may not be quite so physical but it will be just as real and just as significant.

Those sufferings are worthy!

As you partake Christ’s sufferings, you will be transformed into His image.

God is good to you and His thoughts towards you are not evil. He did have a hope and a future for you.

The end is always better than the beginning.

Can you hear what Almighty God is saying?

You will remember the dreams which you have dreamed about. I am addressing those who have callings like Joseph and are waiting to be promoted by God and be brought in to see the King. Read the account of the life of Joseph and let it bless, inspire, encourage and motivate you.

Sandy Shaw

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