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Casa Platino Bedding Only $15 Shipped for Prime Members

Treat yourself to affordable luxury with Casa Platino bedding on Amazon!

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If you’re looking for buttery-soft bedding that won’t cost a fortune, put Casa Platino on your radar! These sheets, comforters, and more are made with unique pre-washed microfiber yarn that gives unbelievable softness so you feel like you’re snoozing in luxury for a LOT less!

Through May 7th, Amazon Prime members score exclusive savings so you can snag Casa Platino Sheet Sets for as low as just $15.18 shipped!

Plus if you’re shopping for new comforter sets, you can use promo code 10SGU1C5 at checkout to score an extra 10% off on select sets!

Check out these Casa Platino bedding deals you can score…

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white dotted comforter and pillowcases

rose colored quilted blanket on bed

sage green duvet and two pillows on bed

I’ve been testing these sheets for about a month and here’s why Casa Platino tops my list for budget-friendly bedding that doesn’t compromise on quality…

woman patting down pillows on fixed bed

I have tried many different bedsheets, from college dorms to apartment rentals, plus my time at Hip.

While I don’t have a specific need (i.e. organic, bamboo, cotton), I can immediately tell you what I don’t like, and so far, after 20+ nights of sleeping at Casa Platino, I don’t have a single complaint.

In fact, I have been waiting for this sale to purchase two more sets for my boys. And that’s saying a lot if it passes my mom stamp of approval  ❤️

boy hugging bed sheets

These sheets are SO soft you’ll be double-checking the tag to see what they’re made of.

Upon opening, I could not believe the softness of these sheets – it made me double-check the tag just to confirm that they weren’t a blend of bamboo, silk, or other premium material.

The secret is the pre–washed, hydro-brushed microfiber yarn that gives instant softness from the very first night. Plus, thanks to the eco-friendly self-fabric packaging there is no weird ‘packaging’ smell so you can truly sleep on these sheets right out of the box!

hand holding bedsheet tag in washing machine

Although they are pre-washed, out of habit, I washed these sheets before the first use, so I can confirm they hold up well in the washing machine and are wrinkle-resistant.

They also have deep pockets and fit mattresses up to 15″ thick!

woman lifting tan bed sheets off bed

Hot sleepers can swap those pricey linen sheets for these instead.

The bedsheets I removed from my king-sized bed to test these Casa Platino ones were a blend of 52% bamboo, 42% cotton, and 6% linen. I purchased these sheets two years ago with the hope that bamboo and linen, being naturally cooling, would help with those HOT Arizona nights.

After just one night, my spouse and I could both confirm that we slept much cooler in these Casa Platino sheets than ever on our previous bamboo blend!

Plus, these sheets are so lightweight and breathable! If you’re a hot sleeper or live in a hot climate, you don’t have to worry about thick sheets weighing you down at night.

woman pulling bedsheets over head

Need a bit more convincing? See what hundreds of other happy customers have to say…

Trust me when I say these are the SOFTEST sheets you’ll ever feel! I used to only buy sheets from target but figured I would try these out. Got the striped blue ones and they are perfect. Insanely soft, pretty, not too hot or cold at night. They are thin, but that comes with the softness. Feels like a soft t shirt material. Washed and dried them 70% and then air dried, and still kept their softness. Not sure how long with softness will last as I’ve only had them for a week, but hoping they always feel like this. If they are in your cart definitely try them out. Comes in the cute bag, too, with pillowcases and 2 sheets.

These are the comfiest sheets I have ever had on my bed!! Highly recommend. The colors are cute, I got 2 different colors for different spaces in my house, and both colors are great! Extremely soft, wrinkle-free, and just so cozy to snuggle up in!

These are literally the best sheets I have ever bought. Sooooo soft and the quality feels luxury. I have previously bought target casaluna sheet sets; however, I am switching to these now. THE BEST!!! You won’t regret it!

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