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Clean Natural Products Series | Make These Easy Swaps w/ Us!

Our new toxic-free and clean products series is coming soon!

woman standing over table full of clean products

Get ready to transform your life in 2024.

Concerned about toxins lurking in your home? Get ready to revitalize your space in 2024 with our top choices for the best natural and clean products! Our brand-new weekly series dedicated to clean living will revamp both your home and well-being!

Hi there! I’m Sara, one of Collin’s Hip sidekicks. 👋🏼

woman standing next to lettuce grow farmstand with plants

I’m excited to take a virtual journey through your homes to do a complete cleanout of all your home’s toxic products. I’ve spent years learning how to source clean natural products, and have also spent years using many of the products I’m going to share with you all.

Swapping your entire home can feel daunting. And there’s also an overwhelming amount of “natural” products on the market. I get it! Also… we all have to start somewhere so I’m thrilled to be that “somewhere” for you!

hand holding a clear spray bottle with white silicone sleeve labeled shower on bottom

Becoming more eco-friendly and toxic-free is a process, so I’ll be doing our clean products series in weekly increments where we tackle just ONE topic. This will make the process for YOU much more approachable and stress-free! 🙌🏼

Here are some of the toxic-free posts you can expect to see in the upcoming weeks:

  • Household cleaners
  • Laundry products
  • Makeup
  • Personal Care Items
  • Baby Products
  • …and much more!

woman holding menstrual cup and pink post it note with savings

This series is going to be a game-changer for everyone! Whether you’re on the hunt for eco-friendly swaps or switching to clean, natural products for your home and self-care routine, we’ve got you covered. And guess what? These eco-friendly swaps will save you thousands every year! 🌱💰😊

Caddy with cleaning supplies

I’m going to be like your very own clean product checker. ✅

Over the upcoming weeks, I’ll be taking time to source, vet, and test (if I haven’t already) the very best and cleanest products in every category that will transform your home and personal care needs. Quality ingredients, eco-conscious companies, and a better you! 👏🏻 I’ll be talking about them over on Instagram, too, so be sure to follow us over there!

I’m excited to share my knowledge with you because I know these products will transform your life when used consistently. They will enhance your daily routines and many of them will save you money in the long run too.

More than anything, you’ll feel good about using them.

We’ll be rewarding TWO lucky readers in a BIG way too! 🥳

Collin on MacBook looking surprised

Our Hip CEO, Collin, is just as thrilled about this series as I am, and if you’re still with us, I bet you’re just as excited!

To amp up your enthusiasm for our toxic-free, clean, natural products series, we’ve got something big in store. We’re giving away not one, but TWO bundles valued at over $500, and guess what? These bundles will include EVERY SINGLE ITEM FROM OUR SERIES!!! 😱😍

So, if you’ve been itching to toss out your old products and refresh with clean, eco-friendly items, this epic giveaway is tailor-made for you. Keep an eye out for the upcoming details – you won’t want to miss this opportunity! 💥🎁🌟

There’s so much more to come, friends! 

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