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Get FREE 6 Count of Dumplings with $1 Purchase at P.F. Chang’s

At P.F Changs, get a 6-count of dumplings for free with $1 purchase! For every $1 or more pre-tax purchase, simply text CHANGSDUMPLINGS to 855-697-6181 along with a text telling us about your breakup tale.


Select between six pieces of either pork or shrimp dumplings. A minimum purchase of $1 is needed.
Give your significant other the digital offer to redeem it.
When you check out, your server will apply the discount.
Savor those dumplings!


Place an order via online or P.F. Chang’s mobile application
Put a 6-count order of pork or shrimp dumplings in your shopping cart. A minimum purchase of $1 is needed.
Use the coupon DUMPLINGS when checking out.
Savor those dumplings!

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