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How To Use Article Writing To Promote Clickbank Products

Clickbank is the most popular digital marketplace on the internet. Affiliates earn between 50 percent and 75 percent commissions on any of the products they sell. This makes it easy to make a lot of money from promoting a product. The more products you promote, the more money you make.

To get the most from marketing Clickbank products, writing and marketing articles is an easy way to do it. Writing and marketing articles allows you to brand yourself as an expert, create credibility for yourself and the products you market, and build value into the products you sell.

Your first step is to decide what niches you want to market in. For example: make money online, health and fitness, relationships. Choose one niche to start and then choose others later when you want to expand. Do your keyword research to find out what is popular. Tools like the Google Adwords Keyword Tool will help you find the right keywords. This is essential as you will be using keywords in your articles. Keyword optimized articles will get you more traffic.

Once you choose your niche, then visit Clickbank to choose your products. Look for products that have good gravity, but if you spot something that looks like it might be new, and it has a good sales page, then consider promoting it. A good sales page is essential because this will help in converting to a sale.

Write your articles. Include your keywords in the title, throughout the article, and in your resource box. The key to good article writing is to write articles others want to read. This means short words, short sentences, and short paragraphs with interesting content. Readers read 25 percent slower on a computer screen, so don’t make it harder by using words, sentences, and paragraphs that are to long or too hard to read.

Write a review of the product. Use this as content for a simple website so you have a place to send your traffic. A simple squeeze page also works, so consider this as a way to build a list. You can use the review as content for your autoresponder, and you can write more than one to drive traffic to the vendor. This is called the presell, and it can increase your conversions.

Which article directories are the best to market in? You’ll need to do a search in the search engines, as these sites change. Look for “best article directories” or “top article directories” to help you get started. You want to submit to article directories that get a lot of traffic. You also want to submit to niche article directories related to your topic as these can sometimes be more effective.

Write at least five articles for each product you are promoting. 30 articles per product is better, and you can send out one per day. This will help you get more leverage. Write unique articles for top article directories that require it and submit those too. The more articles you have circulating, and the more sites where you circulate those articles, the more money you can make.

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