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How To Use Facebook Ads To Promote CPA Offers

Are you a CPA Affiliate and still struggling and wondering how some other CPA affiliates are raking in commissions. I will reveal to you how to use Facebook Ads to promote CPA offers. I highlighted some major and common problems most CPA affiliates that are struggling to convert the offers they promote what they’ve failed to do or probably don’t know how to do it… which are:

* Promoting Non trending or Non converting offers

* Amateur marketing or poor marketing

* Not building Email list

* No getting enough traffic or targeted traffic to build your list

* Not doing Email Marketing

This post is to show you one of the secrets of my conversions and what most CPA Affiliates does, too to convert… Read on.

Traffic is the major problem most online marketers, CPA affiliates complain about, now this method I will explain below will fetch you traffic but for a price… Facebook Ads===== traffic to your Squeeze Page (Build email list) ======traffic to your CPA offer landing pages equals to conversions.

Requirements are: * Facebook profile

Facebook profile

* Facebook Fan Page

how to use Facebook fanpage to promote PA offers

* Facebook ADS (paid ads)

How to use Facebook Ads to promote CPA offers

* Squeeze page

Building Email list using a squeeze page

To break it down, You need a functional Facebook profile, then you need to create a Facebook fan page specifically for the CPA offer you’re promoting, I call this method (FACEBOOK WEALTH FORMULA), that’s one of the methods I myself uses to earn more on CPA offers inclusive of my CPA students. The next thing is to build a Squeeze Page which will have an autoresponder optin form on it that will collect people’s email address and redirect them to the CPA offers you’re promoting which in turn converts into commissions for you when they signup with their email (Email submit offers). The easiest and recommended CPA offers to promote is Email submits which pays around $1-$8 per email submits depending on the CPA network you’re working with though.

After getting ready your squeeze page, setup a Facebook Ads of like $5 per day targeting US, UK,CANADA etc if the offer you’re promoting just needs US traffic then target just US only and to get more out of your Facebook Ads contact me to make a video for you or setup your Facebook Ads for you… Now when you get to the destination URL section of the Facebook Ad Manager, paste in your squeeze page URL in that section, don’t ever paste your CPA offer URL in that section or else Facebook will disapprove your ads. The process is simple, send US traffic through the Facebook Ads to your squeeze page, collect their emails and redirect them to the final landing page I.e the CPA offer landing page SIMPLE!

You will start earning commissions while you sleep. Earning money online needs you to apply what really works and doing it correctly, That’s all…

This method I explained up there converts any day anytime, you’re gaining two things doing this method which are (BUILDING YOUR EMAIL LIST & CONVERTING CPA OFFERS TO COMMISSIONS) with little money spent on Facebook Ads.

You will start email marketing through the Emails you’ve collected so far which is direct traffic to any offers you’re promoting, if you are able to use this method correctly I can assure you that you will start raking in commissions that very week. What are you waiting for, I want to hear your testimonials.

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