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Is the Revlon Oil Absorbing Roller Worth the Hype? Here’s My Review…

Hand holding the revlon oil roller

A roller that gives you a matte blurring effect AND absorbs oil? Sign me up! 😍

Cue the ✨ Revlon Roller ✨. This is an oil-absorbing volcanic roller that claims to mattify oily skin throughout the day. You simply roll the “ball” over your face and it sweeps the oil right off the skin without ruining the makeup underneath. But does it actually work…?

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Revlon roller on counter by bathroom sink

revlon brand oil roller

My skin has always been relatively a combination of both oily and dry all of my life. With summer coming in hot, I knew for a fact my skin was about to be ridiculously greasy. I usually always forget to carry around blotting papers because honestly, it can get a little inconvenient having to refill it and it takes up so much room in my purse.

Even with that, most single-use blotting papers are also not eco-friendly. That kind of waste builds up pretty quickly and it could affect the planet long-term. All that for a little less facial sheen? Not for me…

Revlon roller in bathroom

The Revlon Roller went insanely viral on TikTok and seemed a little too good to be true. I ended up taking it to my sister’s graduation since it was a *drumroll please* sweltering 92 degrees. Needless to say, I was impressed by the results.

Disclaimer: This roller ball doesn’t absorb sweat, only oil! If you have extremely oily skin, this unfortunately won’t magically get rid of all of the oils either. This product is more suitable for touching up on mild-medium oily skin.

revlon roller ball

This roller is uniquely made as the ball originates from a real volcanic stone. The stone has a tendency to absorb oil and moisture, a.k.a. making it extremely efficient for blotting oily spots on the face! Think of it as an oil vacuum for your face.

The stone also contains minerals that are beneficial to the skin & also have antibacterial properties since it’s literally made from nature.

My T-zone tends to get oily very quickly, so I mainly ended up using it under my eyes and on my forehead area. It mattified it instantly without me having to dab another layer of setting powder.

revlon volcanic roller ball tool

I love that it’s just one tool that you can just keep in your purse all the time & that it’s the size of a lip gloss! It’s super convenient when you’re in a rush or just need to touch up quickly. You’ll notice the stone changing to a deeper color as it absorbs the oil, but hey, at least it’s solid proof that it’s working. 😆

It’s the era of buzzy, new environment-friendly beauty tools, but this is one of those products where I tried it out and saw the results right away! And for the price and the sustainability factor, I’d say it’s a definite steal. 🤩

However, do NOT forget to clean the roller after a day of usage to avoid any breakouts! Don’t worry, it’s so easy to disassemble as there are icons on the side of the rollers to show you which way to twist it to take it apart.

revlon roller ball taken apart

How to clean the Revlon Roller Ball:

    • Twist the lock clockwise
    • Wash the circle stone with warm water and soap/cleanser
    • Rinse, then leave it to dry overnight

revlon roller

Here are some of the other raving reviews if I haven’t convinced you yet. 😉

“I bought this product from CVS and it’s nothing short of amazing! My face produces more oil than BP and this handy little gadget was able to suck it all up! I love the fact that it’s washable and that I no longer have to use 3 oil blotting papers to soak up all my face’s oil production.” – Christa ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“I wasn’t sure of this but when my child rubbed it across her forehead it was taking the oil off! Like legitimately shocked and so was she, just wish it was larger lol. This has worked better than anything I’ve ever gotten including astringent! Thank you for this.” – Jewels ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“This… this! I don’t know what sort of sorcery this is, but this thing totally works, and it’s freaking me out! I tested it by standing outside for a few mins (I live in the south, very humid) and then came back inside and rolled it along my nose. Sucked that oil right up!! I cannot believe I have been wasting money on blotting paper when this was out there (and reusable)! Totally buying some for my sister and friends. If you’re on the fence about it, JUST BUY IT!”– Stellar ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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