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Leverage Of 1300 Phonenames And Phonewords In Brand Promotion

When name recognition grows, a companies brand and product recognition begins to grow. While providing excellent sales and support, customers can become frustrated trying to remember the various numbers for the different departments they need to get a hold of. Companies that use 1300 phonenames and phonewords to provide a single number for their customer base to call are providing an increased level of customer convenience that also increases sales and other benefits.

Most of the public is familiar with these types of phone number even though they are new. Acquiring this type of number gives the business a chance to associate the product, brand, and company name with the number. The customer will only have to remember one number to reach each department, and they will be able to recall it because it is the name of the brand or product.

Having a phone number that is in the form of the product name increases recall by more than four hundred percent. Since the two will be associated, the customer will not have to look up the number. This gives the customer an advantage and ensures the brand will be in the forefront of the customer’s mind.

Such an increase in recall level translates into more word of mouth product advertising. Satisfied customers will be more likely to pass the number to friends who are looking for the same product. Rather than having to spend time finding a company that offers the product, they will simply dial the product name. This will easily increase sales.

Phonenames also provides instant brand recognition. Because the phone number and product name are the same, brand recognitions is built due to the name showing up everywhere the phone number is placed in an advertisement. Keeping the brand in front of the potential customer all the time is how brands are built. When they call the brand name for sales, and again for customer support, they are constantly using the brand name when they dial the phone.

Using an easy to recall phone number that is associated with brand names increases response to advertising by providing easier recall. The customers do not usually dial the company the moment they see an ad, but because the number is easy to remember, they will not have to look it up later to make the call.

When combined with 1300 numbers, companies are able to select a number that is the same as their product and provide the single number on a national or territory basis. Having the one number to recall decreases customer frustrations because they are not having to look up multiple numbers, or call another center.

Having 1300 phonenames and phonewords that are the same as a company, brand, or product name grows sales, brand recognitions, customer service, and satisfaction. Making it easy for customers to reach the company guarantees a higher satisfaction and repeat business. Using the phone number as a way to advertise improves a company’s image and will help the company become a standard house hold brand.

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