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Oh The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss is My Favorite End of Year Tradition

If you have school-aged children, check out this fun end-of-the-school-year tradition with the book Oh the Places You’ll Go!

woman holding two copies of oh the places you'll go

Attention Dr. Seuss fans! You’re gonna love this keepsake idea.

At the end of each school year, ask your child’s teacher to write a short note or sentiment about your child inside the cover of the popular children’s book Oh the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss. This will begin to look much like a yearbook over the years, except will it be all from teachers, coaches, educators, or any school staff that had a positive impact.

While the school year isn’t over just yet, this is still a great time to grab your copy of the book so you can start the tradition this year!

woman holding 2 copies of oh the places you will go book

Consider grabbing a copy or two of Oh the Places You’ll Go hardcover books for your family!

Here are some retailers where you can find this book for under $10:

Oh the Places You'll Go

I initiated this idea for my Dr. Seuss-loving kids in Kindergarten and it’s cute to see how excited the kids have been to read what their teachers write each year. We have moved around a bit and it’s fun to see the teachers from various schools included so we never forget them. This book is honestly such a special memory piece now.

Even during Covid, I taped in some emails from teachers when they weren’t able to sign at the end of the year. ❤️

It’s hard to believe my daughter is finishing up 8th grade and this is the last year we plan to include this as a tradition, although you can consider continuing. I started my job here at Hip2Save when she was in Kindergarten and now 8 years later here we are!!

oh the places you will go book open

Oh the Places You’ll Go makes a great graduation gift for all ages!

Do you have a graduate in your life this year from preschool to high school, or even college? Including a copy of Oh the Places You’ll Go book with an encouraging message is a thoughtful gift idea.

The Dr. Seuss story itself is an inspiring message that encourages self-confidence, expecting adversity in life, and overcoming obstacles! I highly recommend it if it’s not a part of your library already.

teachers notes oh the places you will go

Here’s what this special Dr. Seuss book means to our team members…

“I have all of my teachers from 1st grade – 12th who have signed and written notes to me in that book. It’s so precious to me! I didn’t have it as a grad gift, I had them sign it every year for me instead of my yearbook. It’s beautiful to look back at those who helped guide and mold me into the human I am today with such love and optimism. They believed in me before I even did! So special!” – Soleil, Hip Sidekick

“I received one from my uncle when I graduated high school. He wrote me a lovely letter with puns only he and I understood. It’s also the last book my grandmother read to me at the hospital before she passed. She barely spoke or read English but somehow she managed to read it perfectly. I’m considering framing mine.”  Krystal, Hip Sidekick 

“I received a copy for my high school graduation from a family member, and it was such a thoughtful gift. I was getting ready to leave for college over 1,500 miles away, alone, and I looked back through the book and re-read her note quite a few times the first few weeks I was gone. It just felt like support from home. I’ve since given it as a gift a few times, myself. Our college kiddos are still kids, and I think sharing that encouragement with them in a “children’s book” format helps bridge that gap from kid to adult in a fun way.” Liza, Hip Sidekick

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