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Promotion Burnout

With the face of publishing changing, many authors are finding themselves having to hustle to get their own promotions for their books on the roll.

One of the main complaints is burnout. Lot’s of work to do, but only a few (sometimes just the author) to do it.


The major way to get to burnout and fast is – NO PLANNING.

When an author doesn’t plan how they are going to promote their books they do wild and crazy things to get the word out. Things that may turn off readers and waste time and money.

No pacing or scheduling of task.

When you create a marketing plan for a book, scheduling out in person events, blog tours, ads, and exposure is a major player in making sure promotions is a fun thing instead of an exhausting exercise.

Pointing out the valuable exposure over useless exposure.

Some authors in their zeal to get exposure step on many toes along the way. They spam others blogs, they spam emails they make inappropriate promo sales of their books in the weirdest places. All of these things can backfire – but most of all they add to the burnout.


Burnout can be prevented with proper planning and scheduling. This is something I personally learned over time. Also, if you books shelf life is – forever (which it is because when you – the author – are given back the rights to it, you can repub it if you want), then you have a long time to promote it.

Create a Book Marketing Plan

Research what others with books in your genre, your demographics area and are authors like you are doing to sell their book. Break down the cost/investment you are willing to make in time and in money to promote.

Pace yourself.

Take the time before the book comes out to give it proper buzz (about 6 months) then schedule the days, times of the week you are willing to spend on hands on promotions (in person tours, blog tours, twitter promo, FB promo, etc)

Take time off.

Don’t allow burnout to creep up on you. Schedule in vacations and use auto tools to help you maintain your social media presence and do online ads during this time to keep your name out there circulating.

Invite Others To Help.

Rome wasn’t built in a day – nor by just one person. Getting a little help from your fiends is always a great way to drop off some steam.

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