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This Reader Scored A Box Of Freebies (Here’s How to Get Yours!)

a popshelf rewards box

This reader scored some freebies thanks to pOpshelf Rewards.

Did you know that Dollar General opened a line of stores that sell affordable, but on-trend, products? The store is called pOpshelf, and unlike Dollar General which stocks a lot of basic necessities, it focuses heavily on home decor and beauty products. You can usually find some great deals here for $5 or less.

One reason to visit the store is that pOpshelf has a rewards program where you can score a box of items at no cost. This week’s Happy Friday reader, Lily, took advantage of the rewards offer to snag some free products.

Here’s how Lily got her box of freebies!

“Popshelf has a program that gives you a free rewards box when you sign up. My store is often out of them, but I lucked out last time. I didn’t have to make a purchase. They have several box options, but it really depends on what your store has in stock.” 

a woman signing up for pOpshelf rewards online

“I chose the crafter box. The cardboard box is the cutest thing. I want to keep it, but have no idea what I’ll do with it. The contents are definitely underwhelming compared to some of the unboxings I’ve seen online. I’d probably suggest people try a different box or even watch some unboxings before choosing. 

Still, I’ll likely use the paint and brushes to paint plain embroidery hoops for my cross stitch Christmas gifts. Underwhelming or not, I love the offer and the mystery of it.”

Way to score a freebie, Lily! 🙌

Thanks so much for this tip! pOpshelf has been on our radar and we’re so glad you wrote in to share your experience with their rewards box! Congrats on scoring yourself some free paint and brushes! 🎨 Underwhelming or not, we won’t say “no” to scoring some freebies! Plus, unveiling the surprise is half the fun!

Want to snag a Rewards box like Lily?

Head to the pOpshelf website to register for a FREE pOpshelf account. Once you verify your information, you’ll receive a special barcode to take to the store. Take this code to the location near you and you can pick out a rewards box. Boxes are themed and you’ll have a choice between 5 different categories like Arts & Crafts or Beauty.

You must be able to pick up your box from a physical location to receive the freebie. To find a store in your area, search locations on the pOpshelf website.

a pOpshelf storefront company promo picture

Want to learn more about pOpshelf?

This affordable and trendy store has locations in around 20 states. Some of the departments you’ll see in the store include Arts & Crafts, Beauty, Kitchen, Household Goods, Office Supplies, Pets, Party & Occasion, Health & Wellness, Apparel, and seasonal holiday items.

Here are a few deals we’ve seen in 2024:

  • Candles starting at 50¢
  • Toys starting at 50¢
  • Earbuds and Earphones starting at $5
  • $1 Lip Balms
  • $1 Fake Eyelashes
  • $2 Eyeshadow Palettes
  • $1 Kitchen Utensils
  • $1 Pet Bowls
  • $2 Lightbulbs
  • $5 Vases
  • $3 Coffee Bar Signs
  • $20 Side Table

One thing we love about pOpshelf is that you can browse and buy a lot of their selection online. Though you can’t have the products shipped to you, you can reserve them for pickup at a location near you.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, this store might be an affordable place to find a gift or decoration. The Valentine’s Day pOpshelf collection starts at just $1!

pOpshelf store Valentine's Display

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Thanks, Lily! 💛

We’ve been curious about the pOpshelf Rewards box for awhile now so we are super excited that you wrote in to share what you received! It sounds like some of the boxes may be better than others, but many of us in the Hip community will be happy to roll the dice and take our chances! Thanks again, Lily! We hope your painted embroidery hoops came out beautifully!


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