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Writing Articles to Promote Your Online Work at Home Business

Your online work at home business can be promoted by writing articles that have been carefully optimized to attract the attention, and high listings, of search engines seeking information for their customers.

Without wasting any time on fluff, here is why writing articles is so important to your online business. You can use your articles in two principal ways: by submitting them to article directories and by using them as online content on your own website or other online presence. Let us have a look at each of these and they work:

A. Articles published on article directories benefit you in four ways:

1. They will be read by visitors to the directories. Many suggest that users of aryicle directories do not read the articles they contain. They are completely wrong because I get hundreds of reads of my articles from directory visitors. Some will click through to your website using the link you provide in your resource.

2. The directory will provide you with one-way links back to your website: you should choose the best possible page to which to direct that link. These back-links give Google an indication of your site’s popularity, and they will reward you for it with Page Rank and listing position.

3. Your articles will be copied by others and used as content on their websites. Anybody copying your article also has to leave your ‘author’s resource’ intact together with the link within it. Some people delete the resource, but there is software available with which you can detect these people and warn them – it generally works. This provides you with a) a link back to your web page from the page that your article has been copied to, and b) the possibility of clicks to your website from readers of that page.

4. The directory page containing your article can be listed on search engines results pages for your keyword, and provide you with lots of free traffic. It is possible to have the same article listed several times on Page #1 of Google from a number of article directories. It seems to be the case that Google does not pursue the duplicate content penalty as vigorously with article directories as with regular websites.

These are the four ways. However, you can direct article readers to more than just a regular web page. You can additionally use a blog, your Facebook page, Squidoo lens or even your MySpace page plus any other of the WEB2 sites online.

B. Writing articles as content to promote your work at home business enables you to benefit in two major ways:

1. You know your own business better than anybody else, and that will come out if you write honestly and naturally. It is imperative that you can demonstrate to your visitors that you are an authority on your niche, and writing articles that are rich in genuine and accurate content is the best way of achieving that. Guess what? Most people use search engines to find information, and if you can provide that, then they will be more inclined to purchase your product or use your service.

2. Search engines love content-rich web pages, and if yours is also properly SEO optimized for your keyword, then you will have a great chance of being listed in a sufficiently high position on Google or any of the other search engines so as to provide you with lots of free traffic.

These are the major reasons why writing articles is important to your online work at home business, but there is one proviso associated with each of them. You must know how to write articles in such a way that people will read them, and then continue reading them to the end where they will find your resource, and you must also know how to write that resource so as to compel people to click on the URL you provide within it.

Irrespective of how good a writer you believe yourself to be, it is not writing ability that counts, but the ability to write articles optimized for search engines and that people will want to read, and also how to select the right keywords so that your article gets a #1 spot, while those of your competitors compete against each other leaving you to clean up.

Writing articles is more than just putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), but of promoting your online work at home business both to search engine spiders and to real people that want to learn more and will visit your website, blog or Squidoo lens to find what they want to learn. You, yourself, have to learn how to do that properly, but if you succeed than you will have the best free advertising on the planet at your fingertips, and a dam of traffic just waiting to burst and flood your website or blog. Just for writing articles!

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