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Fortnightly Finds: Bringing fresh faces to your playlist – Music News

Delivering the freshest finds straight to your ears!

Plus Music PR brings you the latest emerging artists in our new Fortnightly Finds, bringing fresh faces to your playlists. Dive in to the latest hot picks below:

Elly – ‘Robbed’

Elly’s distinctly personal brand of R&B comes through on ‘Robbed’ as she navigates keeping afloat as an adult.

Bambibrains – ‘John Doe’

Bambibrains deliberates on secrecy and shame in Queer relationships on ‘John Doe’

Snowfish – ‘Maybe’

Snowfish give us emotional Alt-Rock on ‘Maybe’

Kiskadee – ‘Cali Roll’

Kiskadee delivers bittersweet electronica on ‘Cali Roll’

Liam Vincent and the Odd Foxes – ‘Watching You’

Liam Vincent and the Odd Foxes shine a light on hypocrisy from those in power on this ribcage rattling offering.

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