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Life Is a Journal of Ripe Writing Material – Enjoy Your Journal’s Journey and Expect the Unexpected

Writing, at least for me, is my saving grace! Releasing raw or ripe words from thoughts and having a journal as a friend is good self-therapy! Appreciate your journals ability to let you unfold your thoughts and revisit how you may have been feeling, on any given day. Know that as you journal, you do so to release creativity and can possibly expect to be pleasantly surprised by what your own words can heal or re-examine. Write or pen a life of peace or adventure. Release your written words and expect to reap the unexpected; peace or pain can be reprinted or released until another story gets written, again, in your journal of journeys.

I wrote in my journal a lot as a child. Though when I reflect, it was mostly penning and purging hurtful events on paper with the constant fear that playful, prying, unwanted, mischievous eyes would gain access, and tease me as they read what was none of their business to read in the first place.

Yeah, it was a grueling experience to have a burning desire and physical want and need to pen words, songs or stories and fables onto paper. Things were especially difficult when privacy and space were both in short supply.

Living in a small house, in tight quarters, in an old-fashioned, Texas town, with a lot of kids around, constantly having to write in hiding; for sure, was not a safe bet to keep my journal up-to-date.

Keeping it out of the vengeful, enemy hands of scornful brothers and sister was more of a chore than the peaceful event that it could be, if done unchallenged.

While their interests were more adventurous, albeit, I’ll give them that, mine were more private and autonomous and I could not quite understand why reading my private entries would be so compelling. My siblings were all close in age and had the advantage of networking closely with one another.

The first three of my sibling’s all went to the same two schools all the way through their graduations. One was called White and the other was like the Spanish explorer: Coronado. The youngest one also attended school alone with no other siblings around him either-Just like me!

I didn’t meet the district cut-off date and was alone to figure it all out, by myself, so I chose the best path for me.

Doing well in school, making friends with students of like-mind and even helping my teachers was my social unit and family plan. That’s when the writing bug, sickness, illness, obsession or compulsion first began…

I wanted to fit in somewhere and when my English and language arts teachers showed me favor, I knew what I wanted to do…

It was in my writing assignments at Roberts School where I felt the most comfortable, stable and secure to be myself and to find other kids feeling and doing the same.

I quickly learned that I liked the challenge of penning with clear-thinking, creating passages and doing research and being able to spell-it-out and get the pain and hurt out of me and onto something serious, cheerful or even funny.

My teacher: Ms. Quill, told me to start a daily journal, so I did! From then on, I learned quickly that a journal is only the beginning of the path that is most commonly called freelance writing.

Writing, that usually begins by journal-ling, is a clear way to examine or challenge yourself, your progress, and to work things out on paper that speak back the words, if only to yourself, that exude the pulse of your fears, perceptions or challenges, challengers ORRR more for manifesting your miracles and chasing your dreams.

Life is a journal of journeys and you can’t stop expecting, knowing and believing in the power of writing your way to achieving miracles and accomplishing dreams.

So if you are a young writer and your journal gets read, take a pause or short reprieve and then get back to your writing habit again!

One day, my older brother, feverishly looked for and found my journal…

Ed was the type of guy who always had something intrusive to say about what I was doing, or was always comparing me to others in my family.

Of course, when he read my journal, his assumptions were correct. I was a lone wolf in my skill of choice- writing and enjoying my craft, knew it to be my truth, and as luck would so have it, I lived in a great environment for wolves. HA, Ha, Ha.

We lived across the street from a large, obscenely vast desert, where howling animals could be heard.

By where now resides a full strip mall and large package store.

Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping at Sam’s, though before it was there, there only stood a desperate, desolate desert that was the haunting place of nature walkers, kissing teenagers, wild animals and reptiles as well as unchartered landscape… And then there was me, doing my homework assignment in peace and stealing a few savory moments to write poetry!

Expect to be pleasantly surprised by what your mind will spur you to write is what was divulged to me when deep in meaningful prayer.

I also grew to learn that it was much wiser to be less resistant to what my mind would speak versus what I was expected to write.

Enjoy your journal’s journey and expect to be pleasantly surprised by what time alone will enable you to write.

Everybody’s autobiography is already written, step out of your way, and write from your heart-space and watch your emotions shift and change for more enlightenment and self-nourishment.

AAAAAH, now those were the good old days. Growing up in West, EL Paso was not easy if you were unique, or a little bit eccentric, otherwise known as different.

I can never be accused of being a sheep or follower of the traditions and customs that I was not raised to believe.

I would have been happy to have engaged with others a little bit more, or even invited to participate. At least they could have given me an invitation, just saying…

***I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!

Source by Lorie Ann Jermoune

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