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Sabrina Claudio – Protect Her

Sabrina Claudio “Protect Her”

Sabrina Claudio is singing from the perspective of a very exhausted woman in “Protect Her,” a song that’s basically about deciding it’s best not to go out in case she meets someone and falls in love again, which could only end poorly.

This song comes at the end of a record that gets into a lot of romantic turmoil, so it makes a lot of thematic sense to close out on an expression of “you know what, I give up.” But as with pretty much everything else on Based On A Feeling, this is a song that sounds extremely romantic and seductive. That central irony is what makes it all click, though – even when she knows better, the pulls towards love and lust is just too strong.

The first line of the chorus rings very true – “I fall in love too quickly” – but the concluding line – “girl, just stay home tonight” – just sounds like, at best, a temporary solution. There’s just no protecting a heart that wants connection this much.

]]>Sabrina Claudio “Protect Her”

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