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Child Actor Jalyn Emil Hall Releases Another Sick Rap Anthem – IndiePulse Music Magazine

Jalyn’s latest release, “When U See Me” is anthemic and impressive. Running three full minutes, the track is a defiant bop that is prime for bumping loud in the car. 

The beat is a feel-good type beat that gives the feeling of utter pride and confidence. Jalyn starts strong on the track, with a half-mumble, half-lyrical vocal performance. His style is something reminiscent of a Dreamville artist, but he’s unique in his style and delivery. The way he says “Be careful when you see me, ‘cuz I be quick to turn my head and walk the other way, girls be going back and forth like Jalyn he’s so dreamy, gossip all you want, don’t be carin’ ‘bout whatcha say” is iconic. However, that isn’t unique to that line. His verses are incredibly catchy, well crafted, and lyrical. 

Everything he says in the song sounds like it’s coming from somebody ten years his senior. The lyrical yet effortless quips are self-assured and proud throughout the epic track. The vibe of the track is that Jalyn’s already running victory laps around his competitors, which is extraordinary considering he’s 14. 

The track, and Hall’s music in general, are worth a listen if you’re a fan of artists like Juice WRLD and Lil’ Uzi Vert or artists like Denzel Curry and JID. He’s a good mix of the two styles, but provides his twist to the craft. This young gun’s skill is developed well beyond his years for such a competitive and difficult art. It’s surely a spectacle to be beholden, but more interesting is what’s next for Jalyn.

Jalyn Emil Hall is already quite famous, especially for his age. Having acted since the age of six, he’s been featured in NCIS: Los Angeles (2018), Black-ish (2018), and Shaft (2019) as well as the Space Jam sequel, Space Jam: A New Legacy in 2021, and most recently the TV series “All American” and the movie “Till” with Whoopi Goldberg, which is in theaters now. His most recent single, “When U See Me” is yet another snapshot of evidence that Hall will become one of the brightest stars in the entertainment industry. 

The question is, will his rap career mirror the success of his acting career? If so, who knows what kinds of things he’ll be creating in three, five, or ten years. However, his innovative and high-quality 2022 releases may be early clues to how ridiculously hard he’ll hit the scene in the next couple of years. 

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