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Hi Seamus! Great to speak with you today! – IndiePulse Music Magazine

What projects have you been working on lately? 

I Just finished an off- broadway play called New York Circa 1909  Written and directed by Geoffrey Cantor in which I played a critical role as an Irish Mobster! It was such a fun role! I also played a Police Officer so I got to do some character work and accent work to distinguish between the characters. I am a Meisner trained actor and I was able to use Meisner technique to really get into the two characters and become them. I really enjoyed the whole experience

was a super talented Cast and Crew. It was my first time performing at the historic Soho Playhouse so that was exciting too!

I have been fortunate enough to perform at the famous Gotham Comedy Club and at the American Irish historical society on 5th ave amongst others and I have been writing and working out new material for my Standup tour in the upcoming months and am excited to bring my Irish wit and humor to new audiences along the Northeast of the US. I was also privileged to be invited to speak at Lincoln University and talk about my journey and Advocacy for Irish

humor and Comedy in the US.

Who inspired you to get into comedy?

I remember watching comedians like Dermot Morgan and Tommy Tiernan when I was younger and thinking wouldn’t that be great to do that for a living. I always loved Sitcoms and Sketch shows when I was younger Irish comedy like Father Ted was and still is a huge influence on me. I’m also a fan of Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David they really inspired me! I rewatched Seinfeld during the Pandemic and I was laughing so much it still holds up so well.

When was the first time you recall thinking that you wanted to pursue comedy as your career? 

I remember one time in school I had spent the summer in the United states and we had to get up in front of the class to talk about our summer. I got up and talked for 20 minutes and had the class laughing so hard. The next day the class was asking if I could go up and talk some more, I told the teacher I had remembered some more stories of what I did for the summer! I got up and talked for another 20 minutes with an empty file pretending I was reading off a

page! I think us Irish are great storytellers and Irish humor is so unique so I thought I’m gonna do some standup and I think that my 14 year old self would be very happy I have pursued it.

Who are some of the comedians currently inspiring you? 

I’m a huge Fan of Scottish comedian Kevin Bridges his storytelling and takes on everyday issues is top quality like inflation and using the price of candy bars as an example haha! In the United States I think John Mulaney is inspiring from his work on SNL and his standup. I find his style pretty clean cut and he still is very funny and I feel like that’s my style too.

What are you hoping to see in the comedy world as it continues to evolve?

I would love to see more sketch comedy. I grow up on Sketch comedies and I feel like there aren’t as many skits shows as there used to be. I also hope that the world of comedy evolves to give a platform to all kinds of comedy. I myself am an advocate for Irish Comedy and Humor and I love how we live in a world today where we can create and share Comedy with a global audience in an instant.

Please let everyone know how they can keep up with you and your work!

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