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HOT HALF DOZEN 12.20.22 – IndiePulse Music Magazine

Big week- over 300 submissions. Here are my top six favorites in English and Spanish

Big week. 336 submissions this week

Hold My Hand, single by Jesse Palter. I have followed Palter since she was 15 and she gets better every year. This is the live video from her concert at Sam First in LA, and the single is on her Nothing Standard album. Both should be on your Christmas list. She rocks the blues like few others. YouTube for video and all platforms for the album.

Sound Healing, single by Draco Rosa. Draco knows about healing, being a survivor of not only cancer but a tumultuous music career. This song and video are accompanied by natural sounds and beneficial frequencies. You will love it and so will your body. YouTube and all platforms.

Bebe, EP by Lola Club. So much fun. Just saw them live in Guadalajara and watched a packed club sing songs from the EP along with the duo.  Light, almost tropical music to make you smile and sway.  Stream on all major platforms.

The Holidays, sing-along single by Elsten Torres. Sing along with the twice Grammy nominated king of Latin love songs. Torres posted this song and invited his fans to record it and send it in. One listen and you will be singing. A beautiful and nostalgic Christmas song. Check it out on YouTube and Torres website. https://elsten.info/home.

Persona Favorita, (Favorite Person) single/video by Diamante Electrico.  Melodic pop rock that is not quite a love song, but a recognition that sometimes patience is needed with long-time relationships, be they lovers or family or friends. Hooky music and wise lyrics. And a very intriguing video. Stream on Spotify, video on YouTube. Spanish.

Don’t Let the Truth Get in the Way (of a Good Story), video by Steve Hill. Over-the-top camp video but good blues and great satire from the Dear  Illusions album by this multiple award-winning bluesman. Take a look and laugh. On all major platforms and YouTube. Stream the album on Spotify and all major platforms.

Patrick O’Heffernan

banner photo: Jesse Palter and Sam Barsh, courtesy Jesse Palter

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