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Nayan Raina is in love with his ’Sex Fiend’ – IndiePulse Music Magazine

When you read the name of Nayan Raina’s new single, ‘Sex Fiend’ you have to smile! Who doesn’t wish for a sex zombie sometimes? But a rogue who thinks evil, because behind this ironic name is serious music from an artist who comes directly from Los Angeles (USA) and with his talented skills as a singer/songwriter and composer makes you at least a slave to the music! The fantastically composed rock / pop composition penned by Nayan convinces with a fantastic sound of modern pop and comes with an interesting, playful synthesizer sound design that is so anti-mainstream that it could move the masses again. Different sounds adorn the arrangement, which is driven by throttled drums, and almost give an avant-garde flair to the best. Taken from his four-track EP Besame, this song is an interesting sound experiment that defies all conventions and offers all musical experimentation with a damn good sound design and vocals.

Featured on Kiss FM and several other well-known stations, Nayan Raina’s music is currently a hit in the ears of many music fans and with his rather more moderate single BUTTER, as well as the accompanying music video, Nayan Raina shows what he’s made of in this catchy and easy to sing along musical composition. Typical drumbeats drive the arrangement and are the basis for the loving and beautiful singing of this talented singer and songwriter. Bedded on a mystical sound, this dynamic artist presents a mass-market pop song that gets under the skin. Nayan Raina can also score points in terms of production and delivers mainstream-heavy art, which sometimes sounds very unconventional from the speakers.

Sex Fiend is available for your entertainment on iTunes Spotify and Amazon Music

Conclusion 8 out of 10: above-average (anti-)mainstream pop!

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