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SEASONS” by Stuart Ross Carlson – IndiePulse Music Magazine

On October 28, 2022, musician and composer Stuart Ross Carlson released the album “Portrait of a Landscape: SEASONS.” The music is from the upcoming PBS four-part miniseries of the same name, which will start airing in Kansas in December with the expectation of a national launch in the future. Anyone who wants to prepare for the release of this miniseries should undoubtedly check out “Portrait of a Landscape: SEASONS.” Additionally, anyone who enjoys listening to instrumentals, mainly those often led primarily by string instruments, should give this new album a listen. 

“Portrait of a Landscape: SEASONS” features six tracks, a mix of original songs, and unique covers. “Home On The Range” is a relaxing take on the original version, led by guitars and soft drums. This leads to the heavier-sounding, more upbeat original composition “Fiddle Suite (in A Major).” The third track is an emotional cover of “Amazing Grace” led by a violin. After that comes “What’s In A Name,” a song with a dramatic theatrical feel that is more upbeat. The fifth track, “Life Dance,” is similarly dramatic and will be best remembered for fading out in the middle of the song before resuming. Lastly, the album closes with “A Dissonant Truce,” which is more experimental in that it is noticeably slower at times and introduces listeners to deeper pitches. 

To listen to and purchase “Portrait of a Landscape: SEASONS” by Stuart Ross Carlson, visit this link (https://stuartcarlson.com/release/portrait-of-a-landscape-seasons/).

To learn more about Stuart Ross Carlson, visit his website at this link (https://stuartcarlson.com/).

To stay up to date with Stuart Ross Carlson on Facebook, visit this link (https://www.facebook.com/stuartrosscarlson). 

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