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TaniAKyllikki’s newest single, “H.W.C.,” is an entrancing smash hit – IndiePulse Music Magazine

Released last Friday on “Awe Inspiring Records,” H.W.C. is oozing with class. The British sensation has created something special with this timeless R&B pop ballad, her best musical creation to date. Especially as the song winds down and TaniA begins singing at full voice on the bridge, leading on to the end chorus that succeeds in drawing the listener into the song’s closing atmosphere. It would be well deserved for the up-and-coming singer if this song was added to her repertoires.

There is no question TaniA possesses a voice on par with that of the greats. TaniA’s first few lines are “I’m going through emotions.” Just hearing her voice sing those first few words makes you feel every emotion you’ve been trying to suppress.

When TaniA takes her voice up a few octaves in the final chorus, transitioning into her whistle notes, well, you might not be human if you don’t feel chills all over your body. Her vocal strength, phrasing, pitch, and soul all contribute to this effect in H.W.C. TaniA’s delivery is sincere, effortless, full of emotion, and the song’s melody is superb. To paraphrase a line from the song: “Be prepared,” for every time you listen to this song, your heart will swell and your eyes will well up with tears.

Outstanding collaboration. The music was produced by Garry D. Hairston, aka Rynellton, the music files were prepared by engineer “John Woodard,” and the lyrics were written by TaniAKyllikki. You can’t help but fall in love with H.W.C. because of how full of life and passionate it is. All in all, engineer Phil Dust’s expert mixing and mastering did wonders for bringing this classic tune to life.

Incorporating H.W.C. into your R&B playlist is a must.

Awe Inspiring Records – TaniAKyllikki

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