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Top Party Ideas to try. – IndiePulse Music Magazine

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1. Host A Masquerade Ball

A great party idea would have to be a masquerade ball. What better way to party with friends than by dancing around in gowns and masks?

When you host a masquerade ball, guests can have a lot of fun getting ready before the party even starts. 

2. Mardi Gras 

If you don’t want the event to be too formal, you could always host a Mardi Gras-themed party instead. That way, you can have your guests wear masks, but you can have a much more toned-down dress code. 

3. Black and White Party

Hosting a black-and-white party is always a good idea. This can be a great way to host a formal event. There’s arguably no better color combination to choose for something that’s a formal event than black and white. All of the photos for your event will look fantastic and all of the guests can get creative with what they want to wear to it. 

4. A Movie Theme

A movie theme party is always fun. You can use your favorite movie theme as the inspiration for the party. Have all of the guests of the party dress up as unique characters from the movie. It could be something popular like Star Wars or virtually any other movie. This white LED sequin cowboy hat for bachelorette parties is a big hit. Guests will certainly have fun dressing up as their favorite characters and showing off their costumes to others. 

5. TV Shows

Not only can you use movies as a tie-in for your party, but you can also do the same with television shows. This is a good way to host an adult party especially if you are choosing a much more mature TV show like The Walking Dead or even Golden Girls. All of your attendees will likely have a blast trying to dress up as their favorite TV show characters. 

6. Toga Party or Egyptian Party

This is a classic one that you may or may not have participated in during college. A toga party or an Egyptian-themed party can be a blast. Asking everyone to dress up as a Roman God or even a Greek God or Goddess can make for a spicy and fun party theme. It’s a great way to get everyone involved with the party theme and to have something that gets everyone into the festivities.

7. Great Gatsby Party

If you want to throw it back, you could always host a Great Gatsby party. This type of party can be an excellent choice for those that want to get dressed up all dapper. You can show off your favorite pin-striped suits and flapper dresses at your next Great Gatsby party.

8. Disco Party

If you want to have a party that is going to encourage people to get on the dance floor, there’s no better option than a disco party. A disco party is not only a fun one to dress up for, but it can get everyone on the dance floor and having a good time.

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