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“We’re Gonna Have a Big Time” by Water to Wine – IndiePulse Music Magazine

There’s a gentle rhythm guiding the melodicism in the new single “We’re Gonna Have a Big Time” by Water to Wine, and while this is easily one of the more fetching elements of the song to behold, it’s merely a catalyst for the linguistic wonder our singer has to share on the other side of her microphone.

Water to Wine has been getting a lot of attention in the press lately, and not solely for their independent virtues – as a country act looking to break through to the mainstream side of the dial a lot sooner than later, this group of musicians has never hid their love for classical themes within the genre, nor the surface-level aesthetics that helped to make some of their heroes as big as they got. That said, “We’re Gonna Have a Big Time” isn’t a throwback to the old school in Nashville’s iconic sound, but instead an extension of a story that began long ago in places like the Grand Ole Opry and continues through evolved concepts like the one we find at the center of this composition. Whether a longtime country lover or not, this is a single I really recommend checking out if you appreciate bucolic harmonies and easy beats.

Country music, in my experience at least, tends to be at its best when nothing is interfering with its foundational elements, the best of which are found on the instrumental end of the music, and Water to Wine was wise to keep things as crisp and clean in this performance as they did. The guitar play is sublime in this mix, and it’s made all the more accessible to listeners through a carefully constructed percussive scheme that puts the strings on the backside of the bassline rather than the other way around. We’re able to get a feel for what this band sounds like both in and outside of the studio through the lean and mean production style, and while there’s enough polish on the final product to make this a radio-ready feature, there’s nothing here to indicate that “We’re Gonna Have a Big Time” was made exclusively with the idea of scoring some mainstream appreciation in mind.

Leaving the scene politics and poetic drama on the sidelines seems to be a lot harder for the contemporary musician than it ever was for the high-yield players of yesteryear, but you would never think as much just from listening to this latest release from Water to Wine. An influx of young talent has made country music almost as big as hip-hop in the past few years, and although the underground is getting pretty crowded with more than a few skillful names coming into their own, this is an act that I would rank among the best of their peers at the moment without question. Water to Wine is fun and knows how to get loose with their music when it’s necessary, and if you weren’t already listening to them before “We’re Gonna Have a Big Time,” that may well change after hearing it for the first time.

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