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Widen Your Vision of Jazz with Ismael Gabasau’s Debut EP “The Art of Seeing Through” – IndiePulse Music Magazine

Multi-talented singer-songwriter & painter Ismael Gabasau has recently dropped his first EP album, “The Art of Seeing Through.” In this album, you will find all the major influences of Jazz, Bossanova, and Funk. Ismael collaborated with producers from Australia, Brazil, India, and Mexico on this debut album.

When the pandemic struck in 2020, Ismael began to reflect on the significance of his life. It led him to find further justifications for switching from research to his new route, abstract painting.

Ismael first began painting abstract art while living away from his family in Switzerland. One of his earliest works was a copper butterfly on a blue background. His uncle passed away in the midst of the pandemic, and he used that artwork to express his sorrow and confusion about it. That painting and those emotions inspired him to compose “Sour and Sweet,” his first jazz song.

Ismael Gabasau composed the second track, “Pumpkin Empanadas,” after utilizing his grandmother’s recipe to make pumpkin empanadas. This Bossanova track is dedicated to the lovely memories of his grandmother. 

The musical brilliance of every track is amplified using lovely melodies on flutes, saxophones, pianos, guitars, and percussive arrangements that touch your soul. Everything rolls into the eardrums and keeps ringing subconsciously, whether it is a guitar solo, a flute ensemble, or a mysterious voice.

Ismael’s music is an artistic expression of life inspired by the entrancing beauty of the natural world, fascinating works of art, and sweet and sour memories. These moving songs give listeners a peek inside Gabasau’s soul and serve as a gentle reminder that life must carry on, with all of its beauty and ugliness at the same time.

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