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Ex-Maroon 5 Drummer Pens Memoir Of Fame, Anxiety, Mental Health, Recovery


Ryan Dusick: From Maroon 5 To Recovery

Two decades after “Songs About Jane,” MAROON 5’s original drummer RYAN DUSICK has published his memoir, “Harder To Breathe,” which presents an examination of fame, anxiety, mental health and recovery. DUSICK, along with his good pals ADAM LEVINE and JESSE CARMICHAEL were the original members of the group who turned into GRAMMY-winning superstars. 

DUSICK shows us the band’s meteoric rise to success, and the grueling demands that came with it — as well as his personal struggles with anxiety and alcoholism after his departure from the band. For MAROON 5, fame was about to hit. For DUSICK, stardom came to an abrupt halt with the devastating loss of his ability to play drums due to chronic nerve damage.

“Harder to Breathe” examines the nature of human heartbreak and resilience, and to encourage anyone currently facing similar challenges. “Harder To Breathe” is a memoir about how making it to the top sent DUSICK to the bottom — how he let go of the past and embraced a new future, one breath at a time.

DUSICK is now an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist with an MA in Clinical Psychology and the founding drummer of MAROON 5. As a boy, he dreamt of pitching for the DODGERS and writing adventure novels. Arm injuries sidelined his burgeoning baseball career, just as rock music became his new passion and purpose. Founding the band KARA’S FLOWERS in 1994 with fellow BRENTWOOD HIGH SCHOOL students JESSE CARMICHAEL, MICKEY MADDEN and ADAN LEVINE,  RYAN worked at his gig through his college years at UCLA before the band changed its name to MAROON 5 and finally had its first hit record, “Songs About Jane.”

Struggling with physical and mental health challenges, RYAN finally overcame his struggles in 2016, when he began his journey of recovery, culminating in a new life path. Now working as a mental health professional at THE MISSING PEACE CENTER FOR ANXIETY in AGOURA HILLS, CA, RYAN is spreading the message that recovery is possible, and some astounding things can come with it.

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