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TikTok To Help Celebrate BTS’ 10th Anniversary, FESTA Collaboration



TIKTOK will be celebrating K-Pop superstars BTS’ 10-year milestone and 2023 FESTA via a series of events and campaigns, including a #10yrsWithBTS hashtag challenge and unique effect, a community-created compilation video as well as unique and exclusive footage to support the group’s upcoming new single. These initiatives are all designed to celebrate ten years of BTS together with their global community of almost 60 million followers on the platform. Additionally, there will be a very special collaboration between TIKTOK and 2023 BTS FESTA to be announced in the coming days.

To celebrate 2023 BTS FESTA, TIKTOK has launched a new BTS hashtag challenge and effect. Simply go to #10yrsWithBTS to find out more.

A compilation video will also be created from the global TIKTOK community’s creations throughout the campaign period so that ARMY can get the opportunity to be connected with BTS by using #10yrsWithBTS when creating to TIKTOK.

TIKTOK will be supporting the release of BTS’ forthcoming single, “Take Two,” in the #newmusic hub, where the band will be posting exclusive footage celebrating their decade as a group, as well as a special message to fans. To find out more, simply search for #newmusic.

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