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Build This DIY Succulent Wall for Your Patio

DIY backyard succulent wall hanging

Obsessed with potted succulents like me?

Create a gorgeous focal point for your outdoor patio area by installing a living succulent wall of potted succulents! We used a DIY wood board and metal mounting rings, and we hung this pretty plant display on an exterior backyard wall to create a fun sitting area.

hanging potted wall of succulents

I love how this DIY project turned out!

I am excited to share my version of this succulent wall planter idea I originally spotted on Our Faux Farmhouse via Instagram. We were super inspired to create one ourselves. This is such a satisfying project to see completed!

supplies needed for hanging pot succulent wall

Let’s talk wooden hanging boards!

To be honest, we started our patio project with this DIY hanging faux barn wood-looking piece we made years ago to hang above our bed. It served its purpose for years, and since I recently redecorated, I wanted to find a new use for it. This was a great opportunity to re-use it as a hanging succulent wall – WooHoo!

The boards measure 5ft x 3ft, and we stained them using a rag with Minwax stain in Ebony. If this size is too big, you could always make one smaller to fit maybe six or nine hanging pots instead of 12. It’s up to you and your space.

backside view of wood board wall hanging

Above is a photo of the back of the board to show how we grouped these one-inch thick wood pieces. We then nailed them to a couple of pieces of plywood to keep them together. This is a very common way to build pallet signs. Of course, you could use actual pallet wood (or just use various scrap wood pieces as we did with ours).

We ended up framing our wood boards using a 1×1 1/2 inch piece of primed MDF. That’s completely optional, but I love the finished white framed look.

6 inch hanging pot mounts with terracotta pots

Hip Tips for how to make a succulent wall:

    • Let’s talk hardware and flower pots! These 6-inch flowerpot mounting rings are easy to hang, and the 6 inch terracotta pots are inexpensive and easy to find at most hardware stores. You’ll also need small succulents and potting soil, and I usually grab those at The Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Walmart.
    • Succulents prefer well-drained soil. You can use a special cactus soil mix, or create your own by combining traditional potting soil with sand to make it more porous since succulents don’t love wet roots.

making a DIY french cleat for hanging heavy items on the wall

Hang your wall of succulents using the French cleat method!

For our super-heavy succulent wall, we used a 1″ x 4″ piece of wood approximately 24″ long and cut it horizontally at a 45-degree angle. One piece is hung on the wall using 50-pound drywall anchors, and the other is hung on the back of the wood board (then they interlock together to hang). Check out this helpful How to Make French Cleat tutorial via YouTube.

You can make your own or buy a metal French cleat picture hanger to use.


Put together the wood surface for the planter by cutting wood boards the same length. Nail 2 pieces of plywood to the back, on the top and the bottom, to secure. Stain if desired or leave as is.


Install French cleat to the wall and to the back of the planter for secure hanging.


Use a measuring tape and pencil to figure out where each mounting ring should be screwed in, and mark where the screws should go (we spaced ours in an even grid shape). Then screw each plant ring where marked to install. The black planter hangers come with screws.


If desired, frame your wall hanging with wood. We used a a couple pieces of white MDF as a trim, using a butted joint, and nailed it to the sides using a nail gun.


Hang the wooden planter on the wall where the French cleat is.


Plant succulents in the terracotta pots.


Place the pots in the mounting rings. Step back and enjoy your new succulent wall!

hanging display of potted succulents on the way

I love this project and how easy succulents are to care for!

I’ve been transitioning most of my planted pots to succulents because they are the most likely to stay alive and survive the Arizona heat. I water them about every other day or so during the summer, and they do well on my patio.

I’m completely in love with my living succulent wall, and I enjoy looking at it every day! This is where I sit and watch my kids swim in the summer, and I work from here some mornings when the weather is nice.

holding a potted succulent from a wall of hanging pots

Build a trendy farmhouse sign for around $20 (free printable included!)

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