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NEW Sprite Lymonade Legacy Is Available At Walmart

We spotted the NEW Sprite Lymonade Legacy at Walmart!

Hand pulling out a 12-pack of Sprite Lymonade Legacy from a Walmart shelf

Walmart is carrying Sprite’s fun new beverage.

Hurry on over to Walmart and snag yourself Sprite’s latest creation, the Sprite Lymonade Legacy! Our local store was selling a 12-pack for $7.24 and a 20 fl. oz. bottle for $2.08.

You may have heard of Sprite Lymonade which was originally released in 2019. It’s essentially Sprite mixed with a dash of lemonade. Now, Sprite has taken the innovative concoction to a new level!

If you’re a fan of strawberry lemonade, you might just love this new sparkling soda. Lymonade Legacy features the classic lemon-lime flavor of Sprite with the tartness of lemonade and added the refreshing, fruity taste of strawberry. The drink is made with 1% real lemon juice and is caffeine-free.

cases of sprite lymonade legacy on a Walmart shelf

Look for the bright pink cans on the shelf – you can’t miss them! Each can proudly states it is “celebrating 50 years of hip-hop.” Sprite has previously given a nod to the hip-hop genre when they featured rapper Kurtis Blow in a 1986 campaign and again in the summer of 2015 when they featured hip-hop lyrics from popular artists on their cans.

What are consumers saying about the new drink?

There are already several Reddit threads dedicated to talking about Sprite Lymonade Legacy. Here is some of the feedback we’ve seen:

“It tastes wonderful, it reminds me of Sprite tropic berry from McDonald’s when they had it!” – MISZ NISH

“This actually tastes good. The subtle yet bold strawberry taste is what makes it so good” – PrinceStyx17

“Tried this yesterday and really enjoyed it!” – Brittybear94

“Finally got to try this, kinda tastes like Skittles” – Satisfactionkind1720

“Way too much sugar in this sadly, I couldn’t even taste the strawberry, it was like inhaling a handful of sugar repeatedly.” – RKG2395

“It’s good man, the strawberry comes out in the aftertaste. Should be available in most places soon.” – Louderzz

“I tried it, I’ll give it a 7/10” – Complex_drop_6152

“It’s really sweet compared to regular Sprite but I like it” – Jollyjandro

The biggest complaint of consumers seemed to be around the sugar content.

Though Sprite did not release a zero-sugar version in cans or bottles, many people have spotted zero-sugar Sprite Lymonade flavors in Coca-Cola Freestyle Machines. One of those flavors is the Zero Sugar Sprite Lymonade Strawberry.

If you happen to be at a place that has these fountain drink machines, you might just be able to snag one of these zero-sugar drinks for yourself!

Hand grabbing a bottle of Sprite Lymonade Legacy from the store shelf

In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye out for any great deals on cans or bottles of this new soda flavor.

If we spot any, we’ll be sure to report back!

Have you tried the new Sprite Lymonade Legacy? Tell us what you thought!

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