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One Reader Saved Almost $150 On Groceries By Switching Her Pharmacy

Groceries in a kroger cart

One reader stacked coupons to save BIG on groceries.

Some people think clipping coupons is a waste time, but they couldn’t be more wrong. It’s true that you can really save when you take advantage of those deals. One way to get the most out of your coupons is to try to stack offers whenever possible. This week’s Happy Friday reader, Amy, did just that and she practically got her Kroger groceries for FREE!! 🙌 Here’s how!

“I wanted to share a little Kroger trick that I tried that ended up being even sweeter than I originally thought! I have been using Meijer for our pharmacy needs (despite doing most of our grocery shopping at Kroger), but recently, they were out of stock with a med, and so I transferred the Rx to Kroger.” 

Kroger Coupon stacking

“Luckily, I checked my Kroger Rewards coupons first, and there was not one, but TWO $50 coupons that would be applied to my next grocery order for a transferred Rx. I clipped away and then hoped. Would they stack? Well, sure enough, with my pickup grocery order this week, not only did those 2 Rx transfer coupons stack, but they ALSO stacked with a $10 off of $75 AND a $10 off of $110 pair of coupons AND the rest of my regular coupons I had clipped!”

Kroger Meat sitting in the grocery cart

“I paid $4.42 for groceries that normally would’ve cost almost $150! I at first didn’t even have enough in my cart to honor the full $100, so we bought meat ahead for next week to make sure we reached the $100. SO. AMAZING. If you have the ability to transfer prescriptions, check your account and see if they’re offering transfer coupons, because WHOAAAA!”

Way to go, Amy! Clipping and stacking coupons really make a difference! That is an AMAZING price for so many groceries! Thank you so much for sharing this savings tip with us! 🥰

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Here are a few other ways to save at Kroger…

We love Kroger here at Hip2Save and we often call out their weekly deals that are worth scooping up. If you plan to grocery shop this week, check out our step-by-step post on how you can get $86 worth of groceries for just $27! We scored deals on popular items like ice cream, cheese, yogurt, bread, potato chips, frozen pizza, and sunscreen!

If you’re doing a little cleaning or having guests over this weekend, you can also score a FREE Air Wick scented oil from Kroger when you use our digital coupon.

Hand holding an Air Wick scented oil warmer

Save more on prescriptions too…

If you’re looking for cheap prescription medications, we have a tip for you! Amazon recently created a monthly subscription service called Rx Pass that is available to Amazon Prime members.

If you’re a member, this is a great opportunity. For a super low price of just $5 a month, you can get all your generic medications and they will be delivered right to your door! The service includes popular generic medication for over 80 common conditions like high blood pressure, arthritis, and diabetes. It is such a great program for those looking to save on their medications!

If you’re not an Amazon Prime member, there are still ways to save! You can find great savings on GoodRx. Also, don’t forget to check for coupons at your local pharmacy! You might just spot a great deal as Amy did.

Groceries and medicine are two essentials we all would love to get for a good price. Thanks again, Amy, for sharing your tip on how to switch to the Kroger pharmacy and score stackable coupons to save on groceries. This is a fantastic tip and will help many of our readers who have a Kroger nearby! 💛

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