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Swt Valli Hi shares summer ready anthem ‘Let’s Ride’ – Music News

American singer songwriter Swt Valli Hi shares her new smooth R&B track ‘Let’s Ride’, out 30 June on all streaming platforms.

A collaboration with Matthew “Matty J” Jacobson and CJ Eiriksson, ‘Let’s Ride’ is a track that you can listen to on repeat, and find something new every time. From Swt Valli Hi’s sleek and sultry vocals, to the rich instrumentals, the track is the perfect summer anthem.

Speaking of the track, Swt Valli Hi says, “I wrote this track about the ups and downs of city life while knowing who your loyal ones are. I don’t believe in begging for people’s attention or proving my worth, and I’m not into those disposable use and abuse friendships. I am real, and I want those around me to be real too.”

Striking vocals and deeply emotive sentiments drive a powerfully unique sound from
Nigerian-American artist Swt Valli Hi. Described as a ‘designer for sound’, Swt Valli Hi’s music is a harmonious mix between soul and wild funk with a classic rock’n’roll attitude. Striking vocals and deeply emotive sentiments drive a powerfully unique sound from the Nigerian-American artist. Born in LA and raised by a single father, between California and Lagos, Nigeria, SVH promises a degree of fearless authenticity that captivates in a fresh and genuine way.

Formally signed to Warner Music by the Chairman and CEO Cameron Strang preceding Aaron Bay-Schuck and Tom Corson, Swt Valli Hi parted ways to start an indie imprint with friends at the top of 2018 called ‘EIGHTEEN’

“The best thing about being independent is having control over what you’re working
on, who you’re working with and when you can give it to the world. I can’t stand
politics, manipulation and greedy people jerking me and other artist around it’s
disheartening and tiresome. Let’s live, love and create,” says SVH

Since the release of her noteworthy singles ‘In Time,’ ‘Needy’ and ‘Threats’ in
2019, Swt Valli Hi is constantly raising the bar with her music. Consistently showcasing the intimacy of her sultry vocals that blend seamlessly with her raw and authentic lyrics, she has the ability to instantly captivate her listeners.

Growing up with her time split between Southern California and summers in Lagos,
Nigeria, SVH’s father helped her develop her global view on life and taste of music, which would inadvertently shape her sound. Inspired by the likes of Donna Summer, Sade, Portishead, Queen Bey, Fela Kuti, Tame Impala and The Black Keys, the SVH sound is an all-encompassing, non-limiting musical embodiment of what’s new, what’s old, and what’s timeless.

SVH’s 2021’s release of ‘Over It’ emerged complete with a self-directed, cinematically enthralling music video – depicting gang culture in LA and underlying themes of loyalty and trust. Having premiered at Wonderland Magazine, the song highlighted the versatility and genre-blending artistry at the heart of SVH’s style, with elements of funk, soul and classic rock and roll stylishly intertwined. It also invited a much-needed sense of unity, positivity,
and possibility amongst listeners.

In the coming months, two brand new singles are set to create waves – ‘FYU’ and
‘Let’s Ride’ portray the faultless precision, soul, and melodic embrace of Swt Valli Hi,
along with a unique style and purpose in each case. Whatever the mood, SVH keeps
her audience engaged, impassioned, and ready to take on the world.

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