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83 Secret Strategies That Will Guarantee You A Promotion In Any Organization

1. Make Sure Your Boss Likes You

2. Be Sure The Management Always Notices You

3. Ensure you keep emotions out of the equation

4. Ensure that you focus on making money for the company always

5. Take a lot of interest and passion in learning more about the company, its products and services

6. Ensure you know more about the company than anyone else

7. Always offer solutions

8. Let your boss explicitly know that you are driven by money, more responsibility and more power

9. Show that you can lead people

10. Show that your boss can trust you

11. Out of 100% time spent at work – Devote 80% at work & 20% time to sharpen your skills & develop new skills

12. Get a Mentor from the Industry and make friends with him

13. Spend your off time & off days connecting & Networking with Industry Professionals at relaxed environments

14. Study from competition

15. Don’t reveal everything about yourself to the company

16. Actively search for jobs elsewhere

17. Leave your signature on everything you do

18. Develop a stronger sense for new Technologies & Methods of working

19. Work harder on yourself than on your job

20. Wake up earlier than your competition

21. Remember your best friend at work – is your worst enemy

22. Dress smarter, sharper and better than everyone else -as if you were the owner of the company

23. Have toys and accessories that match your personality but make you larger than life at workplace

24. Always keep the owner of the company in the loop

25. Always make sure the key customers remember your name, love doing business with you and speak highly about you to your boss

26. Remember to promote yourself & advertise yourself not just to your company but to the industry

27. Keep building your network

28. Act Professional always

29. Have a heightened sense of awareness

30. Read & Research Aggressively

31. Practice the art of reciprocity

32. Remember – everyone wants to keep in touch with ONLY for some benefit

33. Do not get caught up in political problems

34. Avoid gossip

35. Remember – anything you can say can and will be used against you

36. Learn to be yourself and be the best at it

37. Learn to speak up and get noticed at every meeting

38. Offer new ideas, suggestions, and money making strategies

39. Always surprise your boss and company with new results & performance

40. Let your work do the talking for you

41. Always document your success so that you can use it later on when you are asked the important question “What did you contribute?”

42. Remember – whatever right you do – is forgotten but whatever you do wrong – is remembered forever

43. Be clear about what is your goal with the company

44. Always have a yearly goal of the company and make sure you achieve it

45. If you do not achieve your yearly goal (of growth) it is time to either leave the company or speak to your boss about it. Either way – ensure you do whatever it takes to grow

46. Identify trends that take place in the market

47. Look, Behave, Sound, Act, Dress the part of your Boss’s Boss.

48. Think out of the box

49. Keep offering the company and its employees more value – and make sure it is known to the key decision maker about the work done.

50. You should be very clear where you are and where you want to be – along with your timeline

51. Evaluate your environment – is it the right place or not? If not – leave.

52. Star Earlier, Work Harder, Stay Longer – There is no such thing as a balanced life.

53. Remember – everyone is fighting for the same piece of the pie.

54. Be ultra smart while listening, analyzing & believing people

55. Make sure you are noticed on Social Media & the Blogosphere

56. You need to be cold-blooded – there are no friends in the business world – just people who benefit you and who benefit from you

57. Ensure the corporate & company values match yours at all times

58. Be absolutely amazing in giving presentations

59. Learn to adopt and adapt to changes

60. Learn to predict changes & happenings in advance

61. Offer to conduct workshops for the growth of the company

62. If you know your boss is not as smart and intelligent as you are – make sure you correct him or guide him when you both are alone. Let him have your ideas and make him addicted to you. However, do not stick with this person too long – unless of course – he is the owner.

63. Do not be afraid to voice out your opinion if you feel something is wrong. And when you are proved right – you will be the 1st one they will come to.

64. Point out problems and be the 1st one to give a foolproof suggestion to it.

65. People who are drama-characters NEVER get promoted

66. Being intelligently assertive is a hallmark of a great leader and yes one that gets promoted

67. If I have asked you twice and you don’t pay any attention to what you need to do as a part of your job, I will not see you as valuable or smart

68. Have a personality that is not only likable but one that makes people look up to you.

69. In order to get a promotion, you need to actually be worth it

70. Confidence is one thing; arrogance is another. Know the difference.

71. Remember – every day is a new day. So what you did yesterday, may not matter today.

72. Never miss a single opportunity to network or celebrate or be noticed by the management.

73. Show that you are dynamic, alert, active, strong, sharp, intelligent, powerful, charismatic, a smart conversationalist and amazing in everything you do.

74. Ensure your workstation speaks volumes about you – especially when you are not around.

75. Always take notes and have a folder / the technology to keep records of whatever you boss or subordinate speaks to you

76. Have a unique signature style that makes you stand out always

77. Have a look of freshness no matter what time of the day. If you have to go and get a shower, brush your teeth, comb your hair or change your clothes to something new twice a day – do it! Appearances matters!

78. Consistency, Authenticity, Predictability & an Impressive Track Record is very important when the management decides to promote someone.

79. Make sure your Social Media Platform is an extension of your brand personality

80. Be very clear about what your Personal & Professional brand communicates and make sure everyone is clear about it

81. Discuss intelligent topics with the ones who will determine your future

82. Be someone whom your owner would call on to first when there is anything important

83. Make sure there are multiple skills you have developed over the years that will make you indispensable to the organization

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