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“Born For America” by Noah Hoffeld – IndiePulse Music Magazine

In “Born For America,” his new single and music video, Noah Hoffeld relies more on rhythmic piano expressions than he does conventional lyricism to make a statement to the audience, and while the product he created in-studio is very much on par with what his scene has released prior through a lot of the year, it’s by no means a watered-down continuation of a standardized formula. “Born For America” swings from the rafters thanks to a seductive beat that binds the scattered elements within the instrumental harmony together beautifully, and although the lead vocal acts as a strong linchpin at the forefront of the mix, there’s no debating whether or not this was designed as a sonic exhibition first and foremost. 

I love the interplay between the keys and the percussion in this single, and to some extent, I think it yields the best possible foundation for vocal parts as colorful as the ones found here are.

The music video sounds as muscular and beefy as the single does on its own, and no matter which one you’re listening to – or watching – resisting the temptation to move with the groove is about as difficult as turning down a year-end sunset amidst an otherwise cold and wintry season. Hoffeld has a way with virtuosic vocal harmonies, and in this cut, he wants us to know just how powerful he can be with a simple beat. 

One part balladic revival, another part contemporary piano-pop gem, Noah Hoffeld’s “Born For America” is an awesome listen for adult contemporary fans everywhere this winter, and if you haven’t already given it a spin, I highly recommend doing so as soon as possible. Both the video and the song are naturally sleek and hard not to fall in love with, and while they might represent a new high point for this singer/songwriter’s scene instrumentally, I doubt they’re going to be the last hit release Hoffeld sees in this budding career. 

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