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Tennessee-Based Pop/Rock Band Subtle Citizen’s New EP, “Wildfire,” Is Already Receiving Well-Deserved Acclaim on Various Platforms!

Priding themselves on coming from the subtle side of indie rock and pop, where the structure of sound melodies and the quality of lyrics matter, is the Memphis, Tennessee-based band Subtle Citizen, who are living their dreams through the music they put out there. Slowly but surely, they have gained a sizeable fan base that keeps getting bigger daily. The mission for Subtle Citizen is straightforward: continue making their mark on the global music scene, one song at a time. The eclectic nature of their sound, complemented by equally eccentric lyrics, is why their music is gaining traction among new listeners in search of something uniquely different and ethereally entertaining at the same time.

Subtle Citizen recently released their 3-track EP “Wildfire.” Made up of the tracks “While the World Burns,” “Adore,” and the title track “Wildfire.” You can rest assured that you’re bound to love every minute you spend listening to these delightful sounds that cut across pop and rock in inexpressibly elegant ways.

The beautifully arranged melodies accompanied by the irresistibly captivating vocals are the story of “Wildfire.” “While the World Burns,” for example, begins in a deeply graceful manner, gently introducing the listener to its overall relaxing sense of character and enchanting demeanor, and by the time the elusive percussion elements and delicately nourished vocals enter, you can’t help but swiftly feel fully wrapped up by the tune’s warm and inviting presence.

“Adore” is just adorably refined and also feels very emotional. The title track, “Wildfire,” is a little more charged up than the rest, with its rock qualities coming across as lively and buoyant. Throughout this EP, each performance brings a certain degree of dignity, essence, and elegance to the track. There is that accomplished songwriting that makes for an exhaustively agreeable listening experience!

To stream “Wildfire” entirely, follow the link and let these tunes make it into your favorite playlist.

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