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Lupita Infante the scion of  one of Mexico’s most famous musical families. Her new single “Hazme Tuya” (Make Me Yours) carries on the family musical tradition and is excellent introduction to  popular traditional Mexican music.

We are going “music sin fronteras” this week – music without borders, from an thoroughly American singer from a famous Mexican family.

My American readers may not recognize the name Lupita Infante or the importance of her last name which identifies her as from  one of Mexico’s most famous musical families. Her new single “Hazme Tuya” (Make Me Yours) carries on the family musical tradition  of traditional Mexican music in Spanish, and is an excellent introduction to  popular traditional Mexican music, but with a decidedly feminist message

The song is a conversation between Lupita and a man who wants to win her heart – or something  less romantic. The basic rhythm is kick-back fun ranchera, the traditional rural dance music of Mexico,  propelled by a guitar rhythm with trumpets and sometimes an accordion in the melody

“Hazme Tuya”  spins out over the  happy ranchera rhythm as  Lupita tells a suitor that he must  “ give me your love and make me yours once and for all ”,  or in  the unspoken subtext – leave forever. As with many things Mexican, this phrase has many interpretations, but in “Hazme Tuya” it  is an invitation to commit to a permanent relationship instead of  just having informal fun. She is in charge. If he wants her, he plays by her rules, or not at all

Lupita Infante  and her co-writer Alfredo Ríos “El Komander”  have gone a step further in “Hazme Tuya”, moving beyond  a simple norte

o  by subtly mixing in elements of mariachi such as the guitarron (wide-bodied guitar) , and sierreña music (norteño  played with guitars and no bass and no percussion)  in a smooth, ranchero shuffle. It  deftly uses lyrics with multiple meanings from a woman taking charge of the relationship . In this way, Lupita can appeal to multiple generations in a song with a very Mexican flavor but with a modern perspective.

Lupita Infante Esparza, 35, is American singer-songwriter born in Los Angeles  and a member of one of the most famous musical (and film)families in Mexico She is the daughter of acclaimed singer and actor Pedro Infante Jr. and the granddaughter of the legendary Pedro Infante Cruz, one of the most revered singers and actors from  Mexico’s golden age of cinema and music.

She is a graduate of UCLA ‘s rigorous Ethnomusicology program in Los Angeles and records for SONY Records. Her  debut studio album La Serenata was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Regional Mexican Music Album. In 2020, her song “Dejaré” was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award. 

If you don’t understand the Spanish, don’t worry – just tap your feet and enjoy. That is what Lupita, her family and ranchero is all about.

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