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IndiePulse Music Reviews “Western Medicine”, the latest EP release by Greg Loftus – IndiePulse Music Magazine

Massachusetts native Greg Loftus has long held music in his heart, in fact it is one of the driving forces in his life. Greg held his first guitar at 12 years old and dove head-first into writing songs. As Greg and his talents grew and matured, he toured the east coast and parts of the Appalachian south, all while based out of his home in Boston. His desire for life brought him to Austin, TX., moving to where the music scene matched his pace. Like many a song of life and love, he soon found himself full circle back home in Cape Cod, MA, settling into a career on one of his other passions, in 2017 and started his custom furniture and woodworking business: Narrowland Woodworks and Design. During the coronavirus pandemic, Greg started writing music again. He released his album: “The Soft Sound of Sundown: Carpetbagger Years (2011-2015)”;’

Now Greg Loftus is creating a wonderful new chapter in a celebrated and talented life. The new and exciting EP Western Medicine brings us two beautiful and endearing tracks, performing with Greg Loftus (Vocals, Guitars, Harmonica and Bass) are Mike Machaby on Keys, Lap Steel, Bass, Backing Vocals and Slide Guitar, Dave Ellis on Drums and Percussion with John Beninghof bringing in the Backing Vocals. Each artist performing beautifully and in complete harmony.

The first song “When My Time Comes”, is not the lament that one would gather from the title, but is more of a celebration of what life brings, the narrator is telling a loved one how they want to be when the final moment passes, a desire for freedom, for living life to the fullest, and being worthy of the song being sung. When My Time Comes is a fabulous piece of music and is lyrically beautiful. It has a Alt-Country feel, but also has a rock & Roll feeling, like early Bon-Jovi or Springsteen, it has flair and is memorable.

“Hill Country Choir” has a bit of a somber feel, but it also has Greg Loftus’s unique sound, his voice is an instrument, the song is gentle and floats you between feelings of melancholy and hope, it is a love song, yet more, there is a story of why living in the moment is important, to cherish all that you are given, and every moment is a memory that lasts a lifetime.

In only 2 short and very, very sweet songs, Greg Loftus takes us into his mind, and shares the value he places on living, mush like his woodwork, he has crafted something unique and that would last a lifetime.

While doing tis review, I looked into Greg’s past catalog of musical work, and his past accomplishments in music are so bold and expressive, there is a greatness there, but he is so humble, definitely worth all of your attention. His music can be found online at his Bandcamp page and on his website.




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