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“Keep Going” by Dave Jordan – IndiePulse Music Magazine

Dave Jordan, New Orleans based singer/songwriter/bassist and guitar player latest musical release, titled “Keep Going” is a truly masterful album that is both keeping with his traditional sound while also embarking on a fresh and new compositional engagement that are inspiring and emotionally driving.

Dave Jordan in the French Quarter of New Orleans

For nearly over 20 years and 3 bands, he has produced or co-produced 6 albums, played nearly 2000 shows nationwide and performed or recorded with some of the most esteemed musicians in New Orleans and across the country; including Art Neville, Anders Osborne, Joe Krown, Bill Summers and more; performances with notable artists and bands such as the Meters, Little Feat, Widespread Panic, Bob Weir’s RatDog, Los Lobos and many more.

Described as “Southern roots rock with Louisiana soul’, in just over 3 years, Dave Jordan and the NIA have done multiple performances at the world famous Tipitina’s; a monthly residency at the equally esteemed Maple Leaf Bar; San Francisco’s Boom Boom Room; French Quarter Festival; and their like.

“Keep Going” by Dave Jordan has deep and winding tones, warmth and philosophical reverence in an easy to understand and connective way. With an easy to love musical score, the musical departure, in my opinion is that many of the tracks do not have a “wild” sound, many tracks have an almost easy listening feel, which is enjoyable, this album could be perfect for that cruise down a long and winding road or for the thoughtful evening at home. It is a mature and intelligent album.

Standout tracks are “In a Town This Size”, a romp of a song with a great big and bouncy New Orleans / Zydeco sound and a great story of how there are eyes everywhere and you just can’t get away with anything. “Celebrate Tonight” has a bluesy tone and a depth that grabs you and lets you see the world in a way of complete appreciation.  A slow track “Front of House” is a tune that starts off humble and develops its greatness as it plays on while the song “Me and The Guitar Tonight” is an on the road with the lonely musician story, like Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again”, or Bob Seger’s “Turn the Page”, where the life of a musical artist is different when the stage lights dim and the rod seems to never end, and love or family seems so far away. The song “We’re Gonna Be Here Awhile” is kind of like “Baby Its Cold Outside”, when the time is right for love, the world stops spinning and a moment may last forever.

Dave Jordan in the French Quarter of New Orleans

I feel that in “Keep Going”, Dave Jordan explores life’s more gentle and introspective moments with intelligent thought, but not in a high brow and boring or stereotypical way, but with enthusiasm and reverence to his craft while keeping it so very real for everyone to be able to connect with.

Hittin’ The Note said about Dave Jordan’s work “… Jordan’s music so damn good. It is mellow and heartfelt, road-worn and earnest…”-and we completely agree, Dave Jordan is a voice to be admired and respected, his music is from the heart and relates to the life we live in this little and often weary world, giving us a smile and a little light to guide us home again.

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