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Best Places to Get Deals on Patagonia Fleece, Jackets, and More

By Courtney Omell
on August 02, 2022

Patagonia is one of the most popular high-quality lifestyle brands on the planet, but that quality often comes with a hefty price tag. Good news everyone – finding great deals on Patagonia jackets, fleece, and gear is easier than you think!

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite sources for cheap Patagonia below, but if you’d rather let the best Patagonia deals come to you, just set up a Deal Alert for Patagonia and we’ll send you a note whenever we find something great.

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The 6 Best Places to Buy Patagonia on Sale

Here’s our list of the best online stores to find deals on Patagonia. We frequently browse these websites to find you the lowest prices on Patagonia jackets and fleece. These retailers have all been vetted by our team of experts and offer the best deals on authentic Patagonia outerwear. 


Our number one pick for finding great deals on Patagonia jackets and gear is… Patagonia! It shouldn’t come as a surprise that buying directly from the brand is a solid way to find a deal. Check out the Web Specials section to find Patagonia’s sale items. 

For even more savings, check out the Patagonia Worn Wear section which offers previously-used Patagonia products at a discounted price.


We’re constantly finding Patagonia on sale at Backcountry, an authorized reseller for many top outdoor lifestyle brands. You’ll find everything from fleece pullovers to down parkas here at up to 55% off the regular price.

Steep & Cheap

If you like buying your Patagonia on clearance, check out Steep & Cheap, the official outlet store for Backcountry. This is a last-call situation so colors and sizes are sometimes limited, but the bargains really are the best deals you’ll find. 


REI‘s reputation leans more towards a premium outdoors lifestyle, but they’ve still got clearance racks, and Patagonia often finds its way onto them. They also sells pre-worn gear from Patagonia in their REI Used Gear section. You’ll find deep discounts on lightly-worn Patagonia products.

Note: REI is especially worth a look in November. They famously don’t participate in Black Friday, but that just means they’re holding comparable sales on other days that month.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods is an authorized Patagonia retailer. Their Patagonia sale items are often limited in stock, but you can sometimes find some good prices. They carry deals for men, women, and kids and orders over $49 will ship for free when you’re signed into your free account.


The last great place on our list for finding Patagonia on sale is Amazon. Different sizes and colors may be offered at different prices, but you can usually find what you are looking for by filtering through Amazon’s search results.

Do you know of any other Patagonia deals? Let us know in the comments below.

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